Tang’s monk letter to the wu is empty: don’t be so critical line

the wu is empty ACTS son:

is in a meeting that day, did not answer your phone. To monitor the venue, there are some things telephone also said not clearly.

back to take the road of hardships, without you, had eaten by the monster into fertilizer for the teacher. I know, you are a people with ideas, there is energy, has received the injustice. To obtain buddhist scriptures, you do these all belong to the past. Times are changing, and light have skill is not enough, we must keep pace with The Times!

four disciples, white dragon horse his dad is the west sea dragon king AoGang, standard & other; Officer the second generation & throughout; + & other; Rich second generation & throughout; , take back just a few days, was appointed executive vice mayor of the east China sea. Last time invited me to research, the ostentation and extravagance better than I the heavenly palace, vice President of Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC). Eight quit and sand monk is dispatching to credentials the exercise, not only to office, yesterday the standing committee has approved the clear is created.

you jumped out from their clefts, no background, no resources, we must work hard. Don’t look down on eight quit, want to learn from him on human behavior. He is like a duck to water, the upper line walk very good, also very influential in the female cadres. Elected by outstanding young cadres, you last time there were only two tickets, one ticket is I throw, throw yourself is another ticket? Eight quit took a commanding lead, the goddess of the moon is said to be to vote for him. The situation changes so fast, all feel not adapt for the teacher. Wussy sand monk was a quicksand river real estate companies, the villa is built to the moon. Now he and they live together, with xiangu has a leg, have dozens of sets of light house.

the wu is empty, be sure to do well the upper relationships, eliminate the bad influence of big heaven with disciplinary action. Your temporary huaguo mountain scenic area management committee work more than three years, also for the teacher to help you to coordinate, why hasn’t become a full member? The reason to the thorough analysis. Overcome your character flaws, don’t always drawn, uncomfortable. And this monkey mouth, you don’t like just blather, must be changed!

now, are you still single one, exclude the rumors everywhere you attitude problem. Why not start a family, a career? Think bones jing is good for the teacher, the somebody else say you hair, is a standard of man. Don’t caught people’s past, it’s time to consider.

girl country king yesterday and urging me to get married, I want to do as soon as possible. Though she didn’t have the spider jing and sexy, yutu than pure, can be well connected, a great help to after communication for the teacher to the trunk. If spider essence, and the moon like a confidante.

not much said, I wish you a speedy from single category.

tang’s monkIn November 2011