Tangshan found a century ago food advertising revealed strong business atmosphere

21 understands from tangshan, hebei province administration of cultural heritage, a piece of gui-xiang li saved by the local residents food advertising is used by appraisal for hundreds of years ago, when the qing dynasty.

gui-xiang li said, “this Posting ads on a thin plank is a month ago found in a local antique market, 21 cm long, 12 cm wide. Although old, still identifiable, writing above the pastry shop shop name & other; Tianbao lent & throughout; Three Chinese characters; Below written & other; Old and little xinxin point spread throughout the &; Seven words; Advertising text is among, written & other; This lent to build all kinds of pastries, festival lantern, manchuria to land, jade meat, five-color steamed sponge cake, yulan fritter, bean paste, mixed oil Fried food, sweet cakes, bread crumb, longfeng like cake, cake, element of Mid-Autumn festival moon cakes, chongyang may flower cakes, traditional south sugar, sweet tea and fine flour, readily available, and customers, to open in ZunHua states south street in the city, east to west, who give gu, please refer to recognize this shop gold-lettered signboard, society is not by mistake. Throughout the &;

tangshan administration of cultural heritage relics’ management center, deputy researcher yi jachun believes that this piece of pastry advertising is a legacy of the qing dynasty. Advertising mentioned ZunHua state is now home to clear dongling ZunHua.

according to the analysis, reveal a strong commercial advertising words. When the store in order to expand influence, printed these ads, when packing pastry for the customer, with a strapping, hoping to attract repeat customers. The AD, there are so many now unfamiliar nouns, such as & other Manchu nation & throughout; & other; Meat & throughout; & other; Jade face & throughout; & other; Tibetan bread & throughout; And so on. & other; Manchu nation & throughout; Refers to the stuffing with snacks, & other; Meat & throughout; It is to point to a steamed stuffed bun, & other Jade face & throughout; Today is white flour, & other; Tibetan bread & throughout; Is a kind of Tibetan pastries.

from the point of the AD, when ZunHua, full diet of cultural exchange between han and Tibetan frequently, this piece of advertisement for the research between the han and minority nationalities economic cultural fusion has a certain value.