Taxi driver training materials: hello “sea floor” English with accent

review in the lunch break everyone in reciting “teaching material”


” teaching materials “to the English words in Chinese label the pictures by journalist Wu Shan taken

& other; Good morning=ancient cat ning, welcome=slanting oak wood, this is a taxi driver we learn English, the foreigner understand just strange! Throughout the &; Yesterday, chongqing netizen & other; The cow & throughout; On weibo drying out a bearing & other; The taxi driver commonly used English & throughout; Photos, & other; The cow & throughout; Said the photo was taken in our city taxi driver training materials page, each word in Chinese approximate the annotations. At present, the weibo by netizens estimations, & other; Too talented, learn English through this set of textbooks, not only foreigners can’t understand, chongqing people also think heard the slang. Throughout the &;