“Tehran’s roof” mysterious pure love and complex political Islam

title: the roof of Tehran

a small alley in Tehran, complicated political and simultaneously pure love

& other; If I have a book, I’ll read. If I have a song, I will go to sing. Throughout the &; “The roof of Tehran author Mach cloth & middot; Sarah jie in an interview mentioned in Persian literature & other; Romantic & throughout; : romantic beauty lies in its inevitable sad ending, is worth you pay for the things of life, are the things you can’t have. For men over 50, & other; Throughout the first love &; Often is in their hearts the most romantic thing, and able to sing with a novel first romance and successful, should be Sarah jie to the memory of our first love the best.

, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign distance are biggest cause of beauty. In Tehran’s roof, the mystery of the islamic city Tehran for unfamiliar readers space distance, the young pasha and hazy emotional psychological distance between Mr Li, novel reading distance between text and the reader feeling, it is the distance has created such a Tehran poignant love story happened with politics, the story of friendship and growth.

in the 1970 s of the Iranian capital, Tehran, in many of Iran’s people, that was a veiled woman, a man with a beard, the whole city grey, occasionally occur some religious place of war, read Sara’s novels as we opened the mysterious mask of Arab woman help. Ahmed pasha and his friends are playing football in the alley, ms teenage beauty can resist in pursuit of love and marriage arranged by his family, graduated from high school kids to study abroad in Britain and the United States, this seems to be a similar to most countries in the country, however, the most unique space-time point should be in the dark ages of the king, where people for their own ideal and life at the expense of freedom of spirit, & other; Dr & throughout; Their fate is like lane that the red roses in full bloom. If western readers about the strange white terror high-pressure with curiosity to read, so we should be in the domestic readers thinking while reading?

of course, the story about first love the hazy beauty, is the most beautiful distance in Sarah jie in the book. Although the occurrence of the relationship, the process and outcome is accompanied by heavy historical background, but it doesn’t affect the love of two people who love supreme. At two in the middle of the yard beside a low wall, how many nights, teenage pasha and Sally sat on the roof, to have such a a brick wall, looking at the sky the stars pour out words, not lust, even not romantic, simple and clear. & other; Because you are the brightest star in the sky, I call it pasha stars, it is the biggest and brightest, we other stars around it. Throughout the &; Pure white roses of Mr. Li this line, should be a lot of boys and girls, seventeen or eighteen years old, who is the most sweet love letters. Believe the decades passed, pasha heart the most beautiful is the girl beside a low wall on the roof. And, more importantly, Mr Li’s story because of Tehran’s repressive period left incomplete beauty, and this kind of incomplete distance tend to produce the most perfect memory, so, pasha Mr. Li of the heart is always with the original youth throb of tears. Seems to be gained and lost in a flash, that kind of emotional subtle, eternally.

autobiographical novel the biggest advantage is the narrator’s true feelings, while at the same time it is also the biggest drawbacks. For pasha, the United States before the summer, autumn and winter, he is from a boy grow up to be a man of the time, but at the same time, we also have to question, all this like a novel narrator’s selfish subjective memory. The end of the story is the 1974 Tehran spring, more than 30 years across the distance, this is a left Tehran for 32 years of life in the United States Sarah jie novels in the English language, whether it is love, friendship, much or even to iranians as to the identity of the positioning, like a middle-aged man things they can’t have missed, perhaps this is Sarah jie mouth & other Romantic & throughout; The beauty of it.