Ten thousand ebony rises in price 10 years dozens of times a heavy wooden offered 3 million (FIG.)

Liu Fanggang in his studio.

Liu Fanggang put in promos and thatched cottage of dark wood & other; Throughout ten thousand windfall &; .

& other; The wood, have been buried beneath the riverbed silt for thousands of years. In 2008, fishermen in excavator put it out of the water, please present all scream! Throughout the &; Recently, park in guangzhou panyu district promos and thatched cottage at the gate of the parking lot of a huge ebony (scientific name dark wood), has attracted the attention of a large number of tourists.

it’s host Liu Fanggang design originality, revealed for the first time to the public and euphemistically called & other; Throughout ten thousand windfall (material) &; .

the collectors who were half jokingly tempted Liu Fanggang & other; How much money you can give up what one favours & throughout; . Extremely anticipate, a carefree, graceful he is & other; Throughout 3 million &; , plus a conditional & other; Buy back must maintain the integrity of the log, not cutting and separation & throughout; . Such a high price and & other A little unacceptable & throughout; On the spot have deterred some conditions for one who sets his mind on it.

low article/photo journalists Feng Shan book

ten thousand ebony rises in price 10 years dozens of times

in fact, this has been hidden deep in the wood under the ancient riverbed silt, caught the attention of the height of the capital but is more than a decade ago. Since last year, one in sichuan & other; Pengzhou sky-high black case & throughout; Once again let the foreigners had been called & other; Oriental shenmu & throughout; Black wood drew national attention.

always makes between Liu Fanggang that pass through the door of the visitors linger in the studio, and dived into the reporter saw all gloomy wood, are all covered in black. It is for this reason, dark wood has always been the sichuan people vividly called ebony. The big wooden Liu Fanggang studio, was the founder of promos and thatched cottage researh material – 11 dubbed & other; Black workshop & throughout; .

but before reporters have do their homework and know it with our country annatto standard and ebony (made in Africa, South Asia and southeast Asia a black wood) is a completely different concept. According to expert textual research and C14 isotope determination, the first 26000 – year – old dark wood, and the night has 3200, is a veritable & other; Plant throughout the mummy &; . Ancient sichuan region natural variation a celestial bodies, plants from the earthquake, flood, debris flow will all creatures such as low areas such as buried ancient river bed. Some trees in the mud, embedded in the condition of lack of oxygen, high pressure, through the role of the bacteria and other microorganisms, and after thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years, the coking process, finally formed today this seems carbon carbon special wood, so the dark wood is also called & other; Carbide wood & throughout; .

according to the personage inside course of study introduces, various types of trees form a dark wood, common tree species have been found with cyclobalanopsis, linen five willow, camphor, toon and nanmu.

in sichuan is rich in the wood, mining and use of dark wood people very ancient history can be traced back to. The ancient wood, however, truly become a vibrant and high-grade culture collection, it is because the last two decades a Taiwan businessman saga. The man named Lu Hongjie, in 1991, was hoping to the river to pick up a few stones he stumbled on a piece of wood color black, potholes, after the old woman hint learned of this is the ancient legend & other; Home have a jewelry box, ebony side & throughout; Ebony, with, immediately began more than a decade the collection and processing of ebony and spread of ebony culture journey.

Lu Hongjie metaphor into the gloomy wood & other; Open the black box of the ancient shu civilization chengdu plain & throughout; . Spent tens of millions of yuan in 2000, he founded the world’s only a folk art of ebony museum & ndash; & ndash; Chengdu ebony museum of art, which displays the thousands of pieces of ebony, formal will open a door to the world to understand history and enjoy ebony ebony window, which also caused the extensive concern of the government and the social from all walks of life.

and capital of the high attention, it makes the price of this ancient wood on the helicopter. In his, Lu Hongjie recalls, at the beginning of the building, each side ebony the purchase price of 600 yuan, however, a year later he soared to 2000 yuan per square, and then every year to double the acceleration. Now, the price of ebony although because of its species, s and quality have different prices, but the lowest price was close to each side of nearly ten thousand yuan, and keep good nanmu, each party may offer nearly 100000 yuan, up dozens of times ten kung fu in the coming year.