Tens of thousands of netizens to help grandpa illustrator cancer hospital to see the world grandpa cried (FIG.)

Beijing girl buddy comic picture for my grandfather.

86 – year – old cancer

granddaughter weibo send photo portraits for help

users all over the world to send back all photo

yesterday afternoon, a 86 – year – old old man cancer ward, appear some busy than usual. To visit the old man, in addition to his sons and granddaughter buddy, there are several strangers online. They bring the old man, not nutrition, not flowers, but a set of photos in the computer.

buddy showed bed grandfather pointed at the picture, the river Thames, Melbourne, the Berlin wall, an altitude of 5000 meters east of mountain & hellip; & hellip; Although her grandfather has never been to these places, but photos from around the world, have the portrait of her grandfather.

three days ago, Beijing girl buddy a tweet, the attention of many users. Her grandfather, a 86 – year – old, terminal cancer. The old man is a senior engineer, but had never been abroad, also very few. Always love grandpa buddy a brainwave, draw a picture of grandpa’s cartoon, posted on weibo, want people with a grandfather’s portrait, take over the world, let the old man is happy in this way, and live the life the last regret. Buddy didn’t think of that, after the issue of the weibo immediately triggered a chain reaction, users all over the world, give her back to the tens of thousands of copies of photos.

net friend’s love, with her grandfather & other; Go & throughout; All over the world.

netizen forwarding 90000 photo

& other; I request you one thing. Grandpa ill, the doctor said numbered. He doesn’t have been to many places to travel, too late now. I give he painted this portrait, hope you can print it or on a computer screen, take it, in the place you are in a group photo & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

this is a van on May 11 determined from weibo. Beijing girl Buddy, 29, net Buddy, is the author of a comic book. After the Spring Festival this year, her grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer, grew up with grandpa buddy is very sad. Grandpa said, I haven’t enough to live, and regret. Grandpa has been yearning for the outside world, but it didn’t have a chance to out of town again. Buddy, after listening to a whim, drawing a portrait for grandpa, posted to weibo, please friends with grandpa’s portrait pictures all over the world. & other; This is the way I want to, want to help grandpa cut some regret. Throughout the &;

unexpectedly, sent out the first day of at least 4000 Internet users back to the photo. Last night, when to press, nearly 90000 netizens forwarding, received tens of thousands of photos, specific number, buddy to statistics.