Tepco shimizu under pressure or crash? Longitudinal see its struggle journey

water around 4:30 a.m. back to headquarters. Five point one, prime minister naoto kan has drove here, the office door is not closed, general manager: just yelled water & other; If you don’t want to escape, fled, tepco 100% don’t want to live any longer. Throughout the &; From the outside also can hear the sound of the prime minister kan was furious.

earthquake of Japan’s nuclear crisis continues. With government spokesman, chief cabinet branch in male their drum with huge black bags frequently appeared in front of the public phase is different, accident enterprise top manager – east electric company general manager Mr. Shimizu, have been dodging outside the spotlight.

however, public opinion is still trying to find his whereabouts, trying to draw the outline of the malpractice of the complete image.

the United States “Washington post” criticized Mr. Shimizu’s & other; Fog throughout the &; , said he did not perform a big business, especially big accident happened enterprise general manager of the responsibility.

even occasionally appear in front of reporters, water also does not have too many languages, her eyes closed. Technically, he said not clear; Of the economy, is beyond the category he can predict, how to deal with the serious accident, he do.

shimizu low-key stealth sparked speculation, & other; Water has committed suicide apology & throughout; & other; Water has fled & throughout; Network such as false news from time to time in Japan.

he is alive, he did not escape. Occasionally, we can from the east electric response to the accident of large office see his shadow. It was a day 24 hours of continuous work command, clear water has been sitting there.

but during the period from March 16 to 22, indeed it is difficult to see the shadow of the general manager. Is that he was upstairs in headquarters, has been in guangdong. Stay for a few days after, severe dizziness and hypertension, the 66 – year – old general manager had to leave a seat, let take a back seat, has a 71 – year – old chairman Mr. Katsumata mountain again.

four years of meter reading work

the people more than one Tokyo electric power company for Oriental outlook magazine, which is a reporter said general manager Mr. Shimizu was a great man.

because in Tokyo electric power, the big enterprise, the President has been only graduated from Tokyo university school of law personnel are qualified for. Before shimizu, tepco, general manager of the position for 47 years has always been at the university of Tokyo, particularly for people who graduated from the school of law control over a long period of time, the average person will not come up.

shimizu graduated from the department of economics at keio university, Tokyo electric power company in 1968, when the work is the meter reading. His father is also a tepco staff, the in the mind have a special affection for tepco. But Japan’s meter reading and the Chinese some parts of the meter reading is not the same, nothing to do with high salary, welfare, giant at leisure. First get a a look-up table, and then in a few days to collect money, working with people, that is a very bitter. Clear water after graduating from college, for 4 years.

if is a person who graduated from the university of Tokyo, while tepco will from the meter reading work, but is mostly dry for three months, then go to a larger business, office. Most of their daily business related to university students. There are too many university students as a power in the government officials, enterprise there are too many things need to communicate with the government, schoolmate after all easy to do. Even in the industry, especially nuclear power cadre talent, basically are university graduates, is also very easy to communicate in the industry.

water after finished the meter reading work, then went to the plant is responsible for communication and ordinary citizens, can let the local agreed to plant continue to work there, is not easy, so water lane, day after day residents in and around the plant has established the good relations.

work 27 years later, in 1995 water also became a director, responsible for procurement. The first thing he did is to put the tepco 50000 employees work clothes to entrust the production, in one fell swoop for enterprises to save the purchase cost of 300 million yen. In the state-run enterprise basically almost tepco, not many people can do this work. For the water later became the deputy general manager is responsible for advertising business planning and laid the foundation.

unfortunately, clear water and the local exchange of experience, are trained in corporate communications, in the fukushima accident, basically do not have sent in accident often is a blow to the safe operation for nearly 40 years tepco, Japan’s nuclear safety myth completely ended.

& other; Look at the foot of & throughout; The general manager of

& other; I used to like a zen language: look at their feet. When I was chatting with company employees, often referred to this sentence. When people walk in the dark night, must under the soles of the feet. Don’t glance left and right, can’t afford to lose their goals. I wish the company all staff will do so. Throughout the &; Shimizu said so many times.

many of Japan’s temple to take off their shoes into the hall. There will be mostly in place to take off the shoes in Chinese characters written & other Look at the foot of & throughout; . Metaphors in a zen story here. Rate of darkness, the law play Jackson disciples walked, suddenly a gust of wind blowing, the light went out. Method acting asked three disciple of mind at this time. Big Buddha disciple fruit only said 1: & other; Look at their feet. Throughout the &; Unlike other disciples or talk & other; The tailor dance Dan clouds & throughout; Or say & other; Iron snake throughout the ancient lu &; . Anything not the lamp, under the soles of the feet need to pay attention to. Life is, and walk along their steps need to be down-to-earth.

water think cost savings that enterprises out of the way. Not only at the time of purchasing enterprises overalls, he boldly used the Chinese manufacturers, after he took the other purchase back to headquarters, from going out on a business trip on the plane ticket, to the bidding for the daily consumables, power is concentrated in the headquarters. Again after, plant more than 60, ten thousand kinds of spare parts, materials procurement are centralized in headquarters, 2 trillion purchases, all of a sudden a saving of 40%. Tepco began to bid farewell to a large bowl of meat, large scale gold and silver age.

university economy, let the water in the electric power company management attaches great importance to the profitability of capital. After the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, tepco fukushima accident, should immediately into water for cooling, water can’t determined. After all, the water of the sea into means reactors, no power equipment, tepco will lose the basic livelihood.

when Mr. Shimizu can not judge the & other; Countries should be issued orders to nuclear power enterprises. Throughout the &; Japan’s nuclear experts in Oriental outlook magazine, which said. But the Japanese government at this time, too confident of Japanese technology, has been unable to control the plant failed to issue such a command.

it seems will soon officially leave tepco

accident from the March 11 earthquake began an hour after the tsunami, has lost the control, but the picture has not yet been told the whole accident. Unit 1 to 12, the workshop get blown up later, people began to recognize the crisis of nuclear power plant.

4 a.m on March 15, Mr. Shimizu have 15 minutes to report directly to the prime minister’s official residence to kan work opportunities. Everything seems to be going well. Water around 4:30 a.m. back to headquarters. Five point one, prime minister naoto kan has drove here, the office door is not closed, general manager: just yelled water & other; If you don’t want to escape, fled, tepco 100% don’t want to live any longer. Throughout the &; From the outside also can hear the sound of the prime minister kan was furious.

no matter how hope to find a way out in the dark water, but is certainly not escape. Economic industry minister kan sent direct his troops in the east, time monitoring tepco’s every move. State machine began full involvement in tepco.

when answering reporters questions from TV, see ‘chief executive, clear water only to find their own information a bit more than countries. He began to fainting, blood pressure control anymore. Started at 16 headquarters infusion.

no matter in the future can control have to live the nuclear accident in Japan, is must pay trillions of yen in compensation. Tepco have an obligation to provide stable power to the Tokyo area, after the loss of nuclear power, also need to use thermal power generation equipment, therefore needs to pay hundreds of billions of trillions of yen’s thermal power electricity. Still can use the second nuclear power plant fukushima have not continue to use the specific agenda, is under construction at the other units, local residents will not agree to continue to build, loss and tens of billions of yen.

& other; Tepco cannot always be empty seats in the general manager. Throughout the &; Human’s chairman said. & other; Look at the foot of & throughout; Shimizu looks will soon be officially left tepco.

clear water in the future, not necessarily is the focus of attention, emphasize public opinion: in the enterprise, enterprise can’t evade, head!

1999 nuclear fuel company JCO because nuclear accident two employees were killed. After the accident treatment, just go to the company general manager of the office soon mugu was already a monk, is still in a cold temple pray for dead people. Mugu before to JCO is a big business, chief financial officer, is not a buddhist believers.