Thailand is now the most fashionable ancient mural: possession of doraemon and angry birds (FIG.)

mural of doraemon.

recently in Bangkok, Thailand, a temple was called by the media in northwest history & other; The most fashionable & throughout; Though the temple, the temple has been existed more than seven hundred years, but the mural is followed by age. Visitors found in the process of watching attentively, unexpectedly in the murals have famous Japanese cartoon doraemon, doraemon), and well-known animation character kung fu panda, and images of the popular game angry birds.

the original eight years ago, the temple was renovated and ready to create the Buddha reincarnation murals, and hosted a painter named pull between, between pull of painting in the temple for six years. The painter is very like cats, then in inconspicuous places sneak out of your favorite cartoon character doraemon, temple after know, also not blame the painters, these hidden surprises also attracted more and more tourists. Compile Luo Xiaoqing