Thailand is the most beautiful transvestite revealing painful degenerative details: male organs too disgusted (FIG.)

Poy17 degeneration, enjoy high popularity in Thailand, when she won the title of Miss Tiffany is only 19 years old. Since she got the title Miss Tiffany, TV station had an interview for this to her, told of her experience in before and after surgery.

sex-change surgery process: good set of anesthesia for patients, ready to surgery. Lower part of the patient’s thigh to crus are coated with a series of pressure socks, in order to avoid the blood “lump” in the leg.

, said in an interview: Poy products & other; From when I was little I very want to become a woman, but in front of my parents, I have to like a boy. I feel I can say the male organs in is too sick. Throughout the &;