The 2012 ig Nobel award: the end how to walk without spilling coffee

peace prize let the bullets into the girl’s favorite; Acoustics prize for husband the nagging artifact; Green chemistry reveal Sweden hair mysterious origin & hellip; & hellip;

smaller left to see the Eiffel Tower? Old munitions make diamond? Chimpanzees through a bottom to identify the companion? & other; Silent gun & throughout; Silence can instantly make your nagging wife & hellip; & hellip; These awards issued by the 2012 ig Nobel Prize, looks very wide of the mark, even bizarre, but it can cause our thinking. First laugh, think again, may let us more kind of cognitive science, and more thoroughly.

body psychology prize 】 【 left to see the Eiffel Tower smaller

the winning words: for anything, in the body to the left of it valuations are smaller, the body to the right value more. So, now you know to let others guess your weight, height, and property to let they put what pose!

want others to have a favorable to you, the first impression is critical. But, in addition to dress appropriately, keep smile, what else can give us a first impression points? The ig Nobel Prize and the psychology of award seems to provide a good method.

the winners Rotterdam, the Netherlands, a psychologist at Erasmus university Anita & middot; Il rand (Anita Eerland) asked volunteers to stand on a balance sheet, and then secretly control balance board, make volunteers body involuntarily left or the right. The experimental results show that, when the people left, estimate of the all Numbers will be smaller than the right. For example, for the height of the Eiffel Tower, the left one of the average of the right-leaning short 12 meters.

so, you know how to do it. If someone else to guess your weight, you let him left to see you, this is light. If someone else to guess your property, you let him the right to see you, this is more. Why is this so? Researchers suspect that may be most people are right-handed (commonly known as right-handed).

& other; But in daily life, also didn’t find left-handedness, right-handed what effect of vision. Throughout the &; Drum tower hospital of doctor of vice director of ophthalmology Somerville j told reporters: & other; Is the eye itself is a & lsquo; The main eye & rsquo; The concept of existence, that is to say our eyes, and hands, actually exist & lsquo; Left-handed & rsquo; & lsquo; Right-handed & rsquo; The problem. Throughout the &;

whether left or right eye, its imaging principle is the same. External light source through the eyes of refractive system (cornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous) imaging in the retina, the retina’s light-sensing cells after accepting stimulus into nerve impulses, and through the visual way to in the visual cortex of the brain. Will get of the cerebral cortex nerve impulses to synthesize into a three-dimensional image.

& other; There is a distance between the eyes, if use right or left alone to see things, imaging depth and distance will be less. This deviation has influence to the fine job, such as the monocular is not driving. If like experiments, eyes to see things, just put the body to the left or right, impact should be minimal. Throughout the &; Somerville j said, there are some eye disease may cause the deviation on the vision, such as eye macular edema can cause deformation, seeing the lesions extraocular myoparalysis look cause ghosting, etc., should cause enough attention.