The 24 kinds of drain time and energy as “life leech” : for a workaholic

so-called life leech, refers to will blot of time and energy activities and situation, in the end, these things will drain your vitality. By one or two leech bite and bloody point, not too dangerous. At the same time, however, if several leech attached to you, you have to get rid of these things before sucked dry.

1. TV:

the average American life expectancy for a few years? According to the United States centers for disease control, the answer is 77.8 years. However, these wearing white lab researchers have made a mistake. Sleeping and working time accounts for 313176 hours, therefore, our life only 368352 hours, equal to 42 years. This is our life expectancy.

to think of it, for a few hours of television as if it’s not a big deal (most people see 4.25 hours of television per day), but if you really have a day is 8 hours, refer to the work of sleep time, spend two hours watching TV accounts for the proportion of a day do you life suddenly shot up to 25%. Next time, when you started absent-mindedly change channel, please ask yourself, do you really want to 25% in a day or more than 50% of the time investment on watching TV. After when you ponder the true life expectancy, in the remaining eight hours, spend one hour here to spend one hour, there is no longer a trivial matter. Television is all life leech & other; Pioneering & throughout; , beyond anything else.

2. News:

my wife has a bad habit, she likes in all night in bed before falling asleep each night to watch the local news. She has been to maintain this habit, until one day I firmly oppose, tell her enough. She said she would try a few nights to watch, but she didn’t want to see the local night after the news. Problem does not lie in bed watching the news, but in this period of time play is multifarious, for a variety of tasks. This thing is you will meet one of the most terrible life leech is a total waste of time, but also bad for you.

3. The Internet and social networking sites:

I admit that I am a man of spent all day every day network. Sometimes I find network are taking advantage of me. Network is very cunning, how many times have you thought & other; I just check one thing & throughout; , but an hour after you found himself mud Mired, read an Argentine bloggers write commentary of britney spears. No matter what is the death of you, in the network things distract your attention very much.

4. Perfectionism:

to do everything, but everything to do & other; Perfect & throughout; This is a terrible sick. Perfectionists themselves to admit it, but they said they completely helpless. Perfectionism will drain your time and life not only, also can let the people around exhausted heart. If you are a perfectionist, or live under one roof with a perfectionist, or work under a perfectionist, you know what I’m saying.

5. The pursuit of perfection:

about 10 years ago, I read an article on the pursuit of perfection and abundance. This concept because Barry & middot; Schwartz’s book book have no choice but the rage. In pursuit of perfection, read aloud to find the best goal in your heart, so you must analysis and comparison of each option. If the pursuit of happiness consists in contentment, you’ll choose several restrictions, to accept the first to let you satisfied choice. Pursue perfection and melancholy, regret, and people often feel the final choice is not so satisfactory.

therefore, we first need to know to what’s most important things, and what really want. After this, once have any choice to meet your standard, you can stop search and comparison! Will focus on choice of positive value, avoid to continue to search, comparison of temptation. You’ve made a choice, to continue to move on.

6. Clutter:

this week, because you want to find the key, file, email and wasted much time? Too much information request you have to figure out a way to develop a set of search methods and storage.

7. Health:

when it comes to what factors will ruin good plan, improve the efficiency of the schedule, the most serious is sick. To ensure efficiency and productivity, but also enjoy life, you have to be refreshed to face every day.

8. Gossip:

tea between idle to & other; Did you hear about & throughout; Followed by the words not only waste your time, more will jeopardize your reputation, your life energy consumption, for those who be the protagonist is a kind of damage. There is no good to gossip, definitely not.

9. Make track for a star:

spent a lot of time and spirit to indulge in the world of celebrity, pay attention to the lives of others is far more than their own life, is a serious problem.

10. Video games:

I know many people put off with the remaining eight hours a day to waste on playing video games. The & other; Touches the & throughout; Sound, not from your hand is playing the game, but your life is to eat dry wipe clean.