The 3 year old girl IQ is as high as 140 for sister read bedtime reading (FIG.)

gifted children: three years of franco? Pledge to the little sister is reading a book.

Saturday, June 2 (Reuters) According to England “daily mail” reported that as a 3-year-old child, Sally franco? Should pledge is learning to count, run, or use the crayon development intelligence. And she is no ordinary child, the child prodigy has been able to July big sister reading bedtime reading; It is going to apply for to become the youngest to date mensa members.

Sally’s family are all very clever. Her father & ndash; 23, Danny? Pledge in Britain’s channel 4 quiz program & other; The bottom & throughout; , is eight rounds of champion. Sally’s IQ of 140, the official data than the former US President bill? Clinton also three points higher; Her IQ is 40 points higher than ordinary people, and the United States secretary of state Hillary Clinton and star Madonna, vanquished Schwarzenegger’s 135 points and nicole? Kidman’s 132 points.

from Essex county southend of francois accepted a series of tests, is to enter the mensa association & ndash; Designed for high IQ people set up by the organization. Only the top 2% of a high IQ people to be eligible for membership, and Sally’s is likely to enter the society. She said: & other; I’m just a little girl, but I’m very happy that through these tests, although it is very difficult for them. Throughout the &;