The 375 – year – old cemetery in Ming dynasty into cattle stolen several small-scale operations a year


yesterday, the reporters came to suizhong Zhu Mei cemetery see, 375, the provincial cultural relics & ndash; & ndash; Suizhong Zhu Mei cemetery was stolen many times to dig the grave, almost every tombs in the cemetery has stolen the big hole digging, cemetery within two cows leisurely eating grass, and there is a cow muck, Zhu Mei cemetery is rangeland. Reporter Feng Yuxing taken

375 – year – old provincial cultural relics & ndash; & ndash; Huludao suizhong Zhu Mei cemetery burial, stolen dig three back to a year, in the cemetery two cows in leisurely eating grass, the earth is full of cow dung, peremptory become rangeland.

yesterday, the reporter comes to existing larger scale, more intact in liaoning province in the Ming dynasty stone carving group & ndash; & ndash; Suizhong Zhu Mei cemetery. In about more than 100 meters away from the Zhu Mei cemetery has green granite arched and shishi, the following kinds of sweet potato and green Chinese onion, because enough rain, sweet potato and green Chinese onion long well.

Zhu Mei graves around a circle, the back has a diameter of about 1 meter left, about more than 1 m deep hole in particularly striking, the blue brick flies in the chamber door exposed in the mound, people can be in directly. In the not too distant distance Zhu Mei tomb several graves, some inscriptions have been damaged. Reporter also saw the stolen on tomb dug hole.

in her seventies uncle wang told reporters: & other; Stolen here almost every year, that’s what a shame! Throughout the &; Huludao history scholars Zhang Kai shin, Zhu Mei cemetery inscription, TiE recorded late Ming ji liao two major military activities, an edge will real experience, to the study of the late Ming dynasty political and military situation, has the literature value.

suizhong manage a staff member told reporters for the protection of cultural relics and the year before, in order to better protect Zhu Mei cemetery the provincial cultural relics protection units, specially the Zhu Mei with barbed wire around the cemetery. But due to the orchard is surrounded by homes and arable land, must be somebody else to set aside a detour. In addition, they are still in the local hired a nurse, responsible for daily patrol and care Zhu Mei cemetery, found the situation immediately report. & other; The big almost every year, about stolen tomb dug three to five times, some cultural relics of the tomb raiders are fugitives, sometimes is available. If found someone steal dug Zhu Mei cemetery, after we get the report immediately rushed to the scene to fill. Throughout the &;

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Zhu Mei cemetery

Zhu Mei, word haifeng. At the end of Ming dynasty, because of the distinguished itself, Zhu Mei successively promoted joining, lieutenant, company commanders, with Yuan Chonghuan repelled nuerhachi and huang taiji’s military offensive, become a prominent general. Due to the guard that shanhaiguan, Zhu Mei died, hence sea-faring in recognition of his achievement, in the place where he had fought built this cemetery. Journalist in huludao Feng Yuxing