The 50 yuan important caveats: background Yin tang’s monk teacher and pupil Q version of facebook (FIG.)

the net transfer of RMB one hundred yuan of money on the background & other Bow down to the cat & throughout; , the net friend again unearthed RMB 50 background on the mystery. To netizens surprise, 50 yuan on the four had the “journey to the west” in the Q version of facebook.

zhang jizhong version of “journey to the west” hit, audience for which characters have a lot of controversy, many people turn out original nostalgia. The net friend of careful comparison of the four older still, even from 50 yuan on finding out the corresponding Q version of facebook. In 50 yuan, positive & other; The people’s bank of China & throughout; Around, hidden tang’s monk, sun wukong and pig eight quit to facebook. Now we have to do is remove the irrelevant line, facebook came out. In & other; Chinese & throughout; The following two words, the heart kind countenance jade face of tang’s monk face appeared, very spirit likeness, wore a crown, a twinkle in his eyes, ears droop; Sun wukong is JianZuiHouSai ancient clever odd choice, eyes flashing, especially on the top head stretch out the modelling of feathers is clone zhang jinlai was; However, the most like to say, when the modelling of pig brother. Two flaps, condenser, considerable scale pig nose small eye signs such as facial features are very vivid. The head of the sand monk to hard to find some, it seems that is also very abstract. Did not think of a few lozenge square, constitute the sand monk 45-degree oblique face, headwear, facial features, beard from soup to nuts.

& other; Everybody how carefree, study everyday money & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; For a surprise discovery, some netizens said, & other; Talent! Amazing, really will find! Throughout the &; Experts said that the yuan’s plans are to pass through audit, such a mystery is too have entertainment value.