The 76 – year – old man in more than 1400 pieces of painted on eggshells A world record (FIG.)

all kinds of eggshell painted

all kinds of eggshell painted

world record certificate

record certificate

a lot of people have abandoned shell as rubbish, can be in jiangning TaoWu town, a 76 – year – old man Ding Jibao’s eyes, the eggshell is show inspired by baby & ndash; & ndash; Small to pigeon eggs, big to the ostrich eggs, each shell became his canvas painting, 41 years, Ding Jibao altogether on more than 1400 pieces of eggshell painted, won the world record for the association of the world record for the most creative eggshell painted certificate.

24 February morning, citizens in jiangning TaoWu town square, tao wu university for Ding Jibao old man held & other; Eggshell painted & throughout; Special exhibition, attracted a lot of people watching. Reporter saw, the eggshell painted is & other; Rainbow & throughout; , & other; Miniature version & throughout; Clarity of painting, landscape painting and flower and-bird painting. And general drawing on paper, because the picture is drawn on elliptic shell, appear more rich stereo feeling and administrative levels. The same year that Ding Jibao JingFuTian old man look at the egg painting improvisational chanting songs after a: & other; Life seventy dilute gaumata, current version is not strange, had the honour of old age on prosperous, happy affection landscape eggshell plough. Throughout the &;

into Ding Jibao old man’s house, the reporter saw the cupboard filled with eggshell painted large and small. According to Ding Jibao, he is an engineer before retirement, eggshell painted began in 1972, up to now, has created nearly 1400 pieces of eggshell. Ding Jibao tells a reporter, he thought that only an occasional experience on eggshells, when he bought a few goose egg to go home to eat later, think big white shell fell unfortunately, just at that time, he also learn to draw on paper, on a whim, painting on the eggshells.

in Ding Jibao old man, draw on the eggshell every light ink, elegantly colorful paintings, landscapes, figures, flower, etc. The old man said, in order to draw the & other; Qingming festival painting & throughout; , he fully painted on an ostrich eggs a week. The old man said, picture & other; Eggshell painted & throughout; Use ordinary painting material, also do not have what exquisite brush, can draw any pens, brushes, combination brush pen, even use the ball pen, sometimes in order to show the special picture, he will also use small electric drill holes on the eggshell. This painting is mainly cultured is a & other; Calibrated boldness & throughout; To be patient. But after successful, also can have very strong sense of satisfaction.

Ding Jibao wife later part of his life will be summarized into one word: & other; In addition to eat, is drawing! Throughout the &; In 2011, the old man won the world record for the association of the world record for the most creative eggshell painted certificate. Ding Jibao said, these achievements can’t depart from the support of his wife. He draw a day, home cleaning, cooking and other things were his wife a person do. Ding Jibao wife tells a reporter, Ding Jibao creation good every piece of work, she is the first audience, sometimes a little suggestion, Ding Jibao will listen carefully, selectively adopted.

however, painting & other; Eggshell painted & throughout; Also have let two old man have a headache. Ding Jibao is always trying to get all kinds of eggs, egg shell is used to paint, but how to deal with egg yolk and egg white, let his wife was a headache. His wife said, “this for more than 40 years at home every day to eat most food is all kinds of eggs, eat greasy, tired, early every day now they prefer vegetarian dishes are reluctant to eat eggs.

Ding Jibao

according to the old man said, nanjing will paint the shell now few people, if someone is willing to learn, he will teach without reserve, if they are interested in can seek tao wu years university in touch with him, as long as it is really want to learn, he is willing to teach. (reporter JiaoZhe article/photo)