The 81 – year – old Chinese painting works of calligraphy and painting stolen Shao Shenglang value of more than 20 million yuan

81 – year – old Chinese painting masters, hubei academy of fine arts professor Shao Shenglang, 5 of this month, to the police: his collection of 18 of the traditional Chinese painting, 2 pieces of calligraphy works are stolen. Said the master, 20 pieces of works are his late seven experts given by teacher. According to conservative estimates, the collection of calligraphy and painting is worth more than 20 million yuan.

20 pieces of calligraphy and painting works stolen

5, wuchang reporter arrived crab a dormitory area, hubei academy of fine arts teachers in simple, shao old home to see, a mess inside the bedroom, an old big trunk was pulled out from under the bed, the wardrobe door wide open.

old son-in-law jong-kang liu shao said, because the weather turns cold recently, since last December 28, father-in-law and mother-in-law vacation in xianning. To give two old to take care of the house, every day at noon and night – his wife is three rooms one hall or two old live delivering newspapers and watering the flowers. At noon on January 4, the wife pushed open the door, just feel wrong. Check carefully, and found a room on the balcony, had never opened the window has been opened. Look at the two old bedroom again, have been turned upside down at sixes and sevens. Has been hidden in the suitcase under the bed, also be pulled out, wardrobe door open, most of the father-in-law collection of fine Chinese paintings gone!

heard at home was stolen, shao old rushed back to home. After counting, a total of 18 of the traditional Chinese painting, 2 pieces of calligraphy works are stolen.

stolen all the master works

is painful, these works, all is the 80 s to 80 s, domestic well-known painter flavor, Li Keran, Ye Jianyu, wu zuoren, Guo Weiqu, Wang Xiazhou, Cui Zifan works. Seven per capita as shao old teacher, and have died. The calligraphy and painting, in addition to shao old during the 5 years study in the central academy of fine arts teachers were presented, the other are the masters and shao old daily interaction is presented, a third have special TiKuan. These works, maximum six feet four open. Ye Jianyu of the Indian dance “dancers”, Li Keran “head bowed as a willing ox”, flavor of the cormorant “eagle” “water bamboo” are fine, even if is the domestic art gallery, also didn’t copy.

& other; From the perspective of the situation of stolen, the thief should be targeted. Throughout the &; Shao old tells a reporter, in addition to these works stolen, in the room and sitting room, also suspended some well-known painter painting. But the thief did not take, else just selected from the work of these people. Even under the pillow of 10000 yuan in cash, the thief is it for free. Two sheets, also be the thief tore to parts used for calligraphy and painting, obviously, the thief also didn’t realize that his will is so abundant in advance.

losses estimated at more than twenty million yuan

shao old said, these works, everything valuable. For him, even greater significance is contains the friendship between teachers and students. Has a wu zuoren “goldfish”, that was in 1966, he met in Beijing, wu spite of being very busy toglance, specially time specially created for him. To keep these pictures, in addition to his elaborate package, placed moistureproof agent, pest control, almost every year he and his wife out and finishing drying. These paintings, never open exhibition, limited in a small circle of people know of their existence. In the interview, the reporter met with visiting Chen Mengxin, vice President of the hubei academy of fine arts. And said to him, shao old is his tutor. The teacher’s collection, he had seen.

old son-in-law jong-kang liu shao estimation, these works can be calculated by 1 million yuan per piece, a conservative estimate of 20 million yuan. Alarm after, after viewing the dorm and school gate camera, unexpectedly found all are bad.

at present, the case has caused, wuhan city, hubei province public security department attaches great importance to and spot investigation, the police have to take the time to solve. According to the wuhan morning post

s Shao Shenglang department of xiantao city, hubei province, painter of Chinese painting, art educators, member of China artists association, member of Chinese calligrapher’s association. In the summer of 1956, China central academy of fine arts, Chinese painting Shao Shenglang shicheng in Ye Jianyu, Jiang Zhaohe, master Li Keran, flavor, etc. Its artistic achievement mainly embodies in the break through the traditional Chinese landscape painting program, established in the domestic field of modern landscape painting unique artistic style, become one of the influential painter of Chinese painting in hubei province.

s Shao Shenglang Li Keran Sir, one of the teacher, in January 2008, in 1985, its for a mirror image of the heart the mountains to maolin to 3.36 million yuan. On May 28, 2007, Christie’s auction in Hong Kong, Li Keran works “Wan Shangong times” (in 1964) to 34.6896 million yuan, ranks the forefront of the painting and calligraphy auction market.