The 91 – year – old composer 唐诃 died Participated in “creators” long march suite of songs “(FIG.)

& other; Whenever I go out to buy things back at ordinary times, an enter a door to call the sound of his name, he said yes, my heart just dependable, then to put down his things & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Composer 唐诃 wife lee young ah, once described in an article of her feelings for 唐诃, but from now on, she could no longer hear her & other; The only and favorite & throughout; The response of voice. 0 26 points yesterday, 唐诃 respiratory failure caused by lung infection, in Qingdao died, aged 91. 唐诃 memorial service and remains farewell ceremony will be held in Qingdao next Monday.

family didn’t go so fast

& other; I didn’t know that he walked so fast that yesterday afternoon I still feed him to eat sea cucumber and cake & throughout; , at the end of the reporter telephone interview yesterday, lee young ah sad voice, & other; Eight at nine o ‘clock yesterday evening, he began to appear a little fidgety, say with me, poor breathing began more than 10 points, soon stopped, do artificial respiration and CPR, the director of the work has also come from back home, organize the doctors rescue. Throughout the &; Unfortunately, after one and a half hours of rescue, 唐诃 never wake up.

said lee young ah, although renal insufficiency with 唐诃 for many years, but before this year 唐诃 physical condition can also. In march this year 唐诃 appeared mild symptoms of cerebral infarction, in Shanghai second military medical university affiliated hospital treatment, symptoms disappeared soon, they went back to may. & other; In recent months can clearly his aging, energy is very poor, watching TV, often sleep & throughout; Memories, lee young ah. On July 10, meal, 唐诃 feel a little bit cold, a temperature temperature was 38.7 degrees Celsius, so quickly has been admitted to the hospital, until his death.

during hospitalization, l love step inches from all guarded 唐诃, care, care, she has done for 26 years. & other; We two people are married, in 26 years of marriage has been feeling very well & throughout; , said lee young ah. Lee young ah was once a Qingdao municipal hospital doctors, know about 唐诃 health more than the average person, & other; I know where he suffer, really let me very nervous, I especially love dearly he & throughout; .

in 2001, the 2001 – year – old 唐诃 had a colon cancer surgery and after lee young ah put down all the focus on care, including out of the age and has been in the choir fashion, & other; To marry him to devote to his good, I will try my best to take care of him, give him recuperate the body, adjust the mood & throughout; . Said lee young ah, oneself have a bright and cheerful disposition extroversion, 唐诃 partial introverted, few words at ordinary times, in order not to let any mental burden and unpleasant 唐诃有, lee young ah often whispered to him, telling stories, jokes, trying to make him laugh, & other; It isn’t easy make him laugh, I always say he is & lsquo; Mona Lisa smile & rsquo; Throughout the &; .

although 唐诃 introverted tongue-tied, but he also very deep feelings for lee young ah. 唐诃 wrote an article, the title is called “she is my life a poem”, & other; There is such a wife, I am satisfied. She is my care doctor, is my secretary, is a good helper in my writing, at the same time, the new work is also my first appreciator. Sometimes she boldly put the first draft of my shot, I have to rethink the composer, until you satisfaction. In this way, our life is full of fun, so, I said she is I don’t finish reading a poem. Throughout the &;

to marry his wife was his fans

about the combination of 唐诃 and lee young ah there is a story. 1987 41 years with her wife Zhang Suping died, make 唐诃 grieving, mental collapse, to make him free from pain to arrange him to go to yantai spa, where he met his own & other; Fans & throughout; Lee young ah.

& other; I love to sing when I was young, I’ve always liked 唐诃 works & throughout; , said lee young ah. Once she signed up for music class at the university of old age, 唐诃 was invited to compulsory lecture, hence two people have known. Later love lee and see 唐诃 classmates often go to a nursing home, meet many, not only has learned from a friend that 唐诃 wife had died, when lee young ah has a divorce, then feelings heats up between two people. Lee young ah also like literature, she put her inner feelings into a “blue love”, 唐诃 soon for the first lyric books, teach the lee young ah learns to several times, they often hold hands after singing “blue love”, arm in arm in the twilight of the sea, walking in the golden beach. So they got married, and that year 唐诃 65, 50 years old lee young ah.

the marriage of two people have been happy, but because be remarried families, also met with their children and the society don’t understand, but two people sincere feelings and lee young ah good sincere to eliminate all kinds of concerns from all sides. Now 唐诃 four sons and two daughters of lee young ah are already married, the family relationship is very harmonious.

唐诃 walked so suddenly, the children coming in the first place to see the sad pain, heart once more than 100 times per minute lee young ah, the children also special love dearly, & other; The boys said to me, mom, you don’t be too sad, we will always be your son & throughout; .