The 92 – year – old aunt mad love wanted in Holland Pictures taken a target year (map)

Netherlands 92 – year – old aunt Ria van Dr Dijk over the years there has been a hobby, that is to go to the playground to play, every year especially & other; Let the game & throughout; , at the same time, from 1936 onwards, every year she should be taken a photo of wanted for himself (see chart).

Ria van Dr Dijk counterblows games for the first time in 16 years old, when she received this photo, from then on, she tried to go to the amusement park to play every year, at the same time, take a picture.

since the age of 16 Ria van Dr Dijk has collected 69 such pictures. Watching these pictures in a row, there is a feeling of suddenly as distant crossing.

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Dutch Boyle wanted photo