The 94 – year – old translator Zheng Yonghui died Pointed out that fu lei translation error (figure)

94 – year – old translator Zheng Yonghui death

Zheng Yonghui formerly known as Zheng Yongtai. Guangdong ZhongShanRen, born in 1918 in Vietnam haiphong, in 1942 graduated from Shanghai sinian university school of law. Successive university school of law, an assistant professor, sinian woman a lecturer of college of liberal arts, in 1964 to teach at French department of international relations, still insist on teaching in teaching a line after retirement. In 1998, when the end of his guidance when they graduate from a graduate student, is 80 years old.

Zhang Hong

(reporters) yesterday, reporters from the institute of international relations of the party committee propaganda department minister Tang Yu shall, according to many years engaged in the translation the translator of French literature, professor of international relations at senior Zheng Yonghui at 7:00 a.m. on September 9 due to illness, died at the age of 94.

“nana”, “93” on & other; Famous translation & throughout;

the reporter to contact and work with Zheng Yonghui Chen Xiaoqing 50 years of colleagues. Last month, he said, go to Zheng Yonghui seen him in the home, & other; His children are not in Beijing, my wife died a few months before, because is too old, he didn’t recognize a person, can’t talk, dinner on a male nurse to feed. Throughout the &;

Zheng Yonghui published works started in 1933, joined the Chinese writers association in 1980. Translation has Balzac, Hugo, dumas, maupassant, flaubert’s somewhere wave, prosper merimee, George sand, Sartre, rob & middot; Gerry people such as dozens of works. In 1987 was awarded the French ministry of culture translation grants, won the prize in 1998 and won the national excellent literary translation honor, in 2004 won the Chinese translators association senior translators honorary certificate. In the translation of Zheng Yonghui, zola “nana” and Hugo’s “93” was included in the people’s literature publishing house & other Famous translation & throughout; Books, published by reprinted many times.

once pointed out that fu lei translation error

fu lei translation of works of Balzac, writer, for translation is fluent, Ceng Guang acclaimed. However, Zheng Yonghui was pointed out that fu lei translation errors. In translation of beauty “the cologne, crew members aboard Zheng Yonghui once get the original Fu Leiyi” ab and contrast. The results found that translation error, leakage in the translation of the translation, a slip of the pen amounted to more than fifty.

LiuMing nine French literature experts say, & other; Mr Zheng Yonghui is probably one of the most read, his translation work a lot. Throughout the &; Translator more than in the first, & other; When I was in university studied in Mr Zheng translation work, then see his translation rob & middot; Gerry’s new novel, we are quite surprised. He pointed out that Mr Fu lei’s mistake is very normal, there will always be wrong translation, I have found that fu lei translation error, just did not say. Throughout the &;