The AIRS of a sexual relationship guide Most men and women is stepping the waves

in this paper, from the love is on the mulberry between which, with Diane, zhejiang ancient books publishing house

huai: summary about sex

as cao xueqin capitalise on: a dream of red mansions & other; Summary about love & throughout; 15 AIRS, the book of songs “is actually & other; Summary about sex & throughout; . There is a special need that small problems, is the book of age, temperament is; Do all of the love poem, is lust and Shouting, no plan & other Sincerely love check throughout the ritual &; .

since the played & middot; stretch, love means sex. & other; My fair lady, gentleman good qiu & throughout; ; The gentleman like lady, what to do next is two people’s wedding to do preparation for the future. This means that yue is equal to the love marriage, this is the gentleman and lady is lawful sex inprove. More distinct performance is called south & middot; insects, the momentum of sex by sentient beings bursting out.

“insects” is a woman, two people together and talk about the from the pain of missing; And got the chance to meet, then line relationships-particularly those founded, can only be a little pain when free. Poems said: & other; Yao Yao, grasses Ti Ti Zhong fukang, did not see a gentleman, my heart. Also see check already, also Gou check already, my heart is down. Throughout the &; Put aside such open society today, also unavoidable should assist 1 & other Wild female & throughout; , but, at that time, but is common narrative. Love yue sex, body and mind to meet, no pretence, frankly natural attitude, almost can be said to be shocking. This only shows that at the time, people don’t think & other; Lust & throughout; It is shameful. Love love means the body, not the posterity say hashed & other; I love you a lot of old soul & throughout; . The lust of men and women, is to the body, not the soul vicissitudes of life.

her famous poem “the wild has creeping weed”, is a man of taste, write two strangers meet meet, each other love, stepping the cohabitation of the story. Poems said: & other; Wild with creeping weed, zero Tuan xi. Have a beautiful people, wan xi realisation. Meet meet, and son together Zang. Throughout the &; The poet firmly believe: & other; I love you, I need to get your comfort; I love you, give you shoulder the obligation. The combination of the body makes the soul soundness, you I is the combination of happiness in the world. Throughout the &; The other side? Needless to say, it is naturally & other; Sympathetically given & throughout; And both married to also.

“the wild has died 麕” speak more straightforward. Poems said: & other; With Lin piao 樕, wild dead deer. Imperata cylindrica pure beam, a female jade & throughout; . Jade men prey and dowry, and a woman body photograph echo. On the one hand, wrote a desire for sex, on the one hand, also wrote for love of woman. Can you say that he just to get her body, only to go hunting a gift? Can you say that his love is sensual desire rather than a feeling of deep? The ancients’m afraid I don’t understand this kind of shallow but pedantic to blame. Get and give the actual connotation of happiness, is to seek for the relationship between two people, all is the joy of corporality, Platonic love is no later.

“mulberry” is a man’s voice, tells the girls how to affectionate towards his lover. See that yue palace about meeting, we can easily reasoned that when two love is tender. Of course, life injury leave since ancient times. If sentient beings, the body’s physical distance, since can’t cut bonds of affection. “” xi” imitation woman tone said: & other; Since “east, the first such as fleabane. Who lack cream massage, suitable for capacity. Throughout the &; Separation makes more virtuous feelings, even helping image, because the beauty of all dress up, all is in order to get a beloved. And a beloved YuanBie horizon, this woman would rather have the lovesickness, & other; Mei may say “, make my heart. Throughout the &;

love cannot be sustained, men to women is also has a fickle betrayal; When men and women, also have complaints. Such as “Bei wind & middot; the sun” : & other; Xi, such as the men is gone not lover. Hu Nengyou set? Don’t I quote. Throughout the &; The feelings of alienation, bring is cut off sex. Sexual relationship with the feelings of indivisibility, in the river have Si man giving her ficklefavours only, the result is the host and concubines sex fracture. Women solitary shadow hanging of sadness, in the era of jin ping mei, is cheating the lotus of pan gold type. Jedaiah the book a dream of red mansions of medium and small red jia baoyu simple conspiracy grants palmer, been eavesdropping on xue baochai is make meaningful, there is no substantive contact, having a lot of serious appearance, quite disappointed the audience.

was, the more advanced the society, people should have more autonomy, but is not. The more to later, so the human is not unified and ancient and modern Chinese and foreign is not an exception. Temperament is, maybe it was the golden age of projection, love and lust, desire to love clip wrapped in sexual demands, sex must joint the relationship bet, that they’re feeling, filled with the feelings of the combination of pale. Not only the AIRS of, in the sense of the book of songs. We we know the age of the “book of songs” temperament all; As for sex, flesh, that is to let the ancients jaw-dropping difficult to understand the modern disease, in addition to the modern thought and speech, another let the magic of the world men and women more drunken coma.

ancestor sex guide

book of men and women relation is free of The Times. Though limited by the lack of material, environment of oppression, but in the spiritual and emotional, quite easy and bold and unrestrained; Their feelings and ethics is not a piece of blank paper so simple, but the later ethical and moral formation pressure, when the basic. Countries have already been born, of course, between people’s freedom and order, saint formulated the rules of the game. At an early stage, the rules of the game is very loose, very simple, want to reach the state of saints, also dare not expect & other; Vivian I persisted throughout the father and his son & son; The absolute relationship. Read poetry, we can clearly see that when men and women relation, and shifting between freedom and control.

the AIRS of & other; Summary about sex & throughout; Most was the love of men and women, contact wave makes the song. Delete the poem and yue & other; Poetry innocence & throughout; Note the a lot of the spring and autumn annals, but such as Confucius’s sense of honor, values embedded renovation, will be the poetry of amorous feelings of men and women, recasting for a enlightenment classic contains the moral codes exhortation weathering. In short, the AIRS of sex guide is an ancestor, according to a saint, to guide the combination of men and women, not like a beast of hair by affection, firm should & other; As to the ritual & throughout; ; & are the fundamental values of the other; As well with courtesy, into molested miserable & throughout; So as to find their real home.

& other; As well with courtesy, into molested miserable & throughout; , this is not a moral law, but the value of law.

the husband and wife are called & other things; The duke of & throughout; , since it to have. One should know that the most important human education from ancient and modem, is sex education, a need to develop normal ethics, second need to form a beautiful feelings. Confucius said: & other; Eat drink man woman, and a man to the spirit of yan & throughout; . Conceptions of ancient times, people’s wild earth long, women have a husband, son don’t know the father. Adult men and women, sex and fertility is inevitable; And in the form of a ritual to normative life, determine the rights and responsibilities, children, men and women, women have a husband, children and grandchildren know father rhizoma anemarrhenae, from the ancient dream savage of universe, it can not say it’s a great great deeds, and consciousness of the ancients one of the most important cause.

Zhou is in

when the master and all the natural law of the national culture. Duke of making ritual, the main system is & other; Weathering & throughout; , it is this & other; Sex & throughout; The ritual. Actually, & other; Weathering & throughout; The intention of the word, very directly, it is to have sex to training the education people, not so inprove said later. How to present more surprised is, sex can also educate people?

& other; Duke of making ritual & throughout; Is, the system of later generations were to promote universal moral codes, the system of saints. “Rites” carries the kind of ritual, but around the marriage system as the core family values and morals, as well as all kinds of maintenance of the institution of marriage etiquette testimonies. Set up we can see that the was family system, and individual, the family of the dependence of state. Polite into marriage, and then is the institution of marriage. Grown up with the social system of form a complete set of the institution of marriage, a family as the unit of society determines the shape, with ethics as moral cornerstone of traditional Chinese civilization is self development and mature. This, of course, is human history of civilization.

the core of the duke of zhou rite is set up by constraint & other Sex & throughout; And sexual morality, & other; Sex & throughout; In the form of marrying marriage legislation, rather than random sex outdoors, I don’t know your father on shame, I don’t know under the family parent. The couple is the foundation of the ethics, from which human life is the heaven and earth. In & other; The duke of & throughout; To couple humanitarian, yu’s sense of honor at home. Marrying, men marry women to marry such a family the establishment of the institution of marriage, is not natural and spontaneous, real is the creation of ancient saints, to the duke of zhou and set its dacheng, hence to solidify its form in the whole society for common promotion.

so & other; Weathering & throughout; Is established with sexual relations as the core of ethics education of the people’s road, sex is no longer inprove & other; Yin & throughout; , & other Throughout this & heaven and earth; Said of illusory, but also is & other; The crime & throughout; The core of the value in it. The wind of the book of songs “, its purpose is similar to & other; Sex investigation report and guide & throughout; , or may be called the China & other; Love throughout the &; . & other; Customs & throughout; Refers to marry around the customs, and the derived natural law marriage, the family and property inheritance. But over time, people forget & other; Sex & throughout; Is the fundamental point of moral codes, it will be other sounds more noble “loyalty, such as buddhist as & other; Confucianism moral codes & throughout; The core values. At the same time, fixed men marry women marry also objectively caused the reality of women’s status has low, the Yong wind? 蝃 Dong “poems so-called & other; 蝃 Dong in the east, the mo of dare to & throughout; Lament, it is not without reason.

the moral codes of duke of zhou is the person’s sex life as the core to build a system of social ethics. “Huai”, is the national sex as the core of the moral and ethical education solution. In weeks, the “book of songs” is carved on the jade edition, has given the world, in rows of weathering. This call & other; Poetry teaching & throughout; , this is the highest better one of the great tradition of the ancient Chinese civilization. China archaism cloud: & other; Method is nothing more than human & throughout; . Poetry teaching which remind both transactional technology, also has the human psychological experience of subtle, the external ethics, as the cultural heritage, and aesthetic spirit.