The alternative museums around the world: lunch meat clown trio museum (FIG.)

in a way, to understand the past and present of a place starts in the museum. The history of a museum is a materialized, people by cultural relics and historical dialogue, cut off through time and space, overlooking the historical ups and downs. The museum is not just a citizen culture remediation, more importantly, it should become one of the main places of recreation, much knowledge is secondary, enjoy a rare quiet, elegant atmosphere, loosen body and mind become to the main purpose of the museum.

a lot of people think that the museum is a place to do research, in fact, they’re more like the spirit of the city park, enough to let love knowledge you linger. Even more wonderful, do have a lot of alternative museum at home and abroad, it was a real eye-opener.

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lunch meat museum

lunch meat museum

lunch meat also became & other; Collection of cultural relics throughout the &; . Do you want to know everything about the luncheon meat, American post-war diet, can be found in Austin, Minnesota museum of the luncheon meat. Located in lunch meat processing factory and across the street from the slaughterhouse, the museum can make the audience understand American favorite widely canned meat products of historical and cultural significance.

sex museum

New York’s museum opened in 2002, aims & other; Maintain and rendering of the history and evolution of human sex and cultural significance. Throughout the &; Although in Manhattan’s sexiest blocks, the museum of personality is still hot.

new Mexico the international UFO museum

the international UFO museum

if you come to the city of roswell, new Mexico in early July you could catch up with the annual UFO festival, a three-day festival, celebrating the 1947 roswell UFO events.