The amateur photographer 800 meters altitude panoramic view of Manhattan, in photography award

nikolaevich award-winning works


nikolaevich make interactive Manhattan panorama

the Empire State Building

at sunset the Manhattan

, according to the daily mail reported Wednesday, Russia’s amateur photographer & middot; Nikolaevich creation Manhattan panorama of New York has won the famous SheYingSai awards & ndash; & ndash; Epson international pano awards. This picture is not a shape, but tens of thousands of pieces of Manhattan nikolaevich will be made by aerial graph by computer technologies.

reported that nikolaevich award-winning works clearly showed the skyscrapers of Manhattan’s central park and its surrounding. He also built a interactive panoramic view of the Manhattan, the audience can enlarge in detail, including the Empire State Building, ground zero, and even nikolaevich in helicopter captured some of the hotel room.

it is understood that this work used by tens of thousands of Zhang Sucai as are nikolaevich by helicopter over New York in the summer of 2011. He through computer software, use these photos together out of the choking Manhattan 360 – degree panoramic interaction diagram, then make the central park and around the street into a two-dimensional picture, at first glance, like a virtual city’s image. Is this photo won him the Nobel Prize amateur photographers’s top awards.