The ancient Chinese “id card” true face exposure (map)

since New Year’s day 2012, trains the system will be expanded to all trains. That is to say, if you want to buy a train ticket, need to provide id card! Today, the id is not only is the identity of a certificate, it is the need of modern urban management. When China’s id card system? In ancient China id card is what?

resident card & ndash; & ndash; Id card system in the modern sense began in the 75 years ago

strictly, in ancient China is not in the modern sense of identity CARDS, or not all people have id card. Id card system in the modern sense, only a short time in 75. From the historical point of view, its starts with 25 years of the republic of China (1936), in those days, ningxia provincial government established & other; Residents throughout the system &; , this is the prototype of the modern Chinese id card. In ancient China, there is no identity and status of the ordinary people, the id card is only for those that have identity status, so that ordinary people would not have id card. The year have id, is indeed & other; Have the identity of the person & throughout; .

ancient id no modern is so complicated that even input fingerprint information of what, of course the ancient nor the high-tech means now. Ancient identity card registration entry information is simpler, as in the tang dynasty, it is commonly & other; Name & throughout; , & other Office & throughout; Two, again a little bit thin, & other; Throughout the unit &; Plus, there will be no & other; Time of birth & throughout; , & other Gender & throughout; These have to be content. Some also have no, even the name is a material evidence.

although simple, but it also has a modern identity CARDS don’t have information: if the holder has a part-time job, is to write clearly on it. This id is actually a kind of & other; Official certificate & throughout; , has a name written, paying out after tenure, invalid suspension; Not engraved name, then to the successor, take turns to use.

data figure: fish bags

fish bag & ndash; & ndash; The ancient id & other; Anti-fake mark & throughout;


id so simple, it is easy to fake fake, appear even dare to cheat the phenomenon of the emperor.

in order to prevent this to happen, some will be especially indicated in the id card and lend or falsely USES the serious consequences, such as the Ming dynasty rules: & other; Borrow and lend with those SINS & throughout; . No id card and go to the corresponding shouldn’t go to places (such as in succedent houses), do not to do (such as that the great), are & other; In accordance with the law of warrant & throughout; .

in addition to strengthen the management of the id card, nuclear, external, the author found in the study, there are generally two kinds of security measures.

a is set id & other; Anti-fake mark & throughout; . Ancient id of the anti-counterfeiting mark, no now so complex that the synoptic id, such as fish is just a bag for it, and the so-called & other; Fish bag & throughout; . The emperor tang Li Zhi when the emperor is to give the fish operators with a corresponding grade bag, the bag is used for operator, of course, the emperor summoned, you have also have the bag. Interesting is in the song dynasty, official id card in those days & other Anti-fake mark & throughout; To recognize that only & other; Fish bag & throughout; And the core of your id card voucher & ndash; & ndash; & other; Fish operator & throughout; Abandoned.

2 is produced in different kinds of id. The different levels of people, production of materials used in the id card is different also. Fish operators continue in tang dynasty, made different materials: prince and above officials with the doctrine of the id card, with gold to do; More than five product official id card materials are silver; 6 the following official id card, quality of a material is copper material. Fish bag are on the basis of using the corresponding gold, silver decoration: above with gold, with the doctrine of the four items with silver, five items with copper. To jui-tsung JingYun years is changed to: the purple with gold, that the red with silver. Because the id card is the symbol of status, so some use lifetime, even retired could enjoy the id CARDS.