The ancient “college entrance examination admission notice:” someone good Stick in the hall

modern college entrance examination admission notice by Courier to the hands of students, and the ancient have special government officials. After the ancient imperial examination and county state sends a particular person to notify the annunciation, such good news in the eyes of the ancients called the good news. So it can be said that good news is that the ancients the modern version of the college entrance examination admission notice.
It’s not a person to the ancients in research, he involved in the whole family and even the whole village. It is said that the ancient imperial exam takes an exam, a scholar in juren or jinshi and hope bigger of the two will be in pain waiting for the arrival of prosperity. Also has more intelligent people waiting at the door, once the good news, just forward to good news to the people, meet rich people can get some ground silver flower flower, a little poor families can also touch on some wine to drink. We call such a wait in the ancient HouBang. These scenes in “the scholars” have been described in detail.
After having obtained the metropolitan examinations from to, and then to the first position, each level of the test has good news, as long as you are eligible for admission, just someone to specifically for your good news. Good news format are relatively simple, in addition to write a test to get your name and reputation examination place, moreover is so-and-so county name.
Po beach town in xianju county, zhejiang province has a built in southern song dynasty period of college students in the ho fu is famous in the domestic, the ho family have been a lot of dignitaries and in the history of past dynasties scholars. In the period of post to learn one of the four people He Chao belonging to the family. He Chao to pull gongsheng identity into Beijing at the age of 25, after was sidelined by the truth the upright character, so that the six test’t, until the age of forty, kangxi, southern China, after a friend recommended the officer, and then a exams to become a juren, otherwise will also framed by others. He Chao exams the next year, earning for jinshi smoothly. Ho in college students have good news about He Chao.
Magistrate’s office in bachelor’s office is to the south, on both sides of the board on the wall is decorated with the good news, good news have a in juren, have in the first draft, also have jinshi fourth place in the good news. These good news the top with a flying dragon, below is the cloud sea, good news is the central writing, after having obtained or position metropolitan examinations (xx year high school championship. Similarities and differences between the style of the good news by different dynasties slightly, but overall is similar.
The ancients have received the good news, generally want to post it in in a prominent position in the hall, which can uphold, both to let the visitor seen at a glance, as now the testimonials. From the tiny details can also see how the ancients attaches great importance to the imperial examination, the ancient imperial examination is almost the only way out of the reader.