The ancient empresses and monks cheat why like? Accession of loneliness Monks beautiful

according to the history of the south & middot; under the empresses biographies “records, southern liang emperor xiao marry princess xu zhaopei as the princess, but the relationship is not harmonious. This is mainly because emperor only one eye, looks indecent. Every time the emperor plagued Xu Fei, Xu Fei & other; For half a face makeup to initiate & throughout; On the grounds that one eye can only see half. Always attracted the emperor & other; Rage out & throughout; . From now on for years does not enter the Xu Fei bedroom. Princess xu zhaopei deeply roughly loneliness, waste youth.

princess xu zhaopei, after all, is a living woman, also have desires, she may not be resistant palace lonely and desolate, with jing zhou yao wisdom far monks in the temple of light dark nest, often cheat liaisons. Soon Xu Fei secretary and JiJiang in court and attracts. This charm and JiJiang those expression, well proportioned, Xu Fei sent confident lady ‘s-maid, quietly he slipped into the temple, and sex. And JiJiang some exclamation: & other; Cypress straight dog may old Jude can hunt, shaw 凓 Yang may be old Jude jun ma, xu niang is old still is affectionate. Throughout the &; So & other; Lady of a certain age & throughout; Became the most classic in the history of the idiom.

open the king of the country, isn’t really even the monk as emperor liang finally unbearable, forced Xu Fei TouJing suicide, and then put the body back to the xu, & other; Is a wife & throughout; . Later, emperor liang also killed, including intelligence far monk all and Xu Fei liaisons, and personally wrote a “slut autumn, fu” above the lewdness, to drain their anger.

of course, like monks cheat to far more than just emperor liang Xu Fei, ancient queen, a princess is BuFaJiLi like an illicit love affair with the monk.

according to “beiqi book & middot; temple” records: beiqi wu emperor gao Dan inherited wealth, forced rape sister-in-law empress li zu ‘e, queen hu’s not roughly lonesome, with gao Dan entourage and then seduce a ChengGan. And then was killed, also became the queen mother of the hu so lonesome, after asking to prayer, often go out to the temple, hooked up and finally a monk named haze. Haze offer beautiful, young, energetic, solid and unappreciated, hu’s love, two people will often spread out in private. Hu empress the Treasury of the gold and silver jewelry more moved into the temple, and to move gao Dan dragon bed is spread out. Palace and everyone knows, only the emperor high latitude in the dark. Time, achieve the prince into the palace to greet mother, found the queen to side stand two new female, was born with fine features, that night, the life of people quietly and carried the two women, forced the shi tomb, but two women, gore not from. Achieve the great anger, imperial secretary to take off clothes, two people discovered, turned out to be two drag young monk! Both of them are the servants of haze and offer the young monk, very beautiful, is hu the queen mother, Joe let them play the part of women’s back to the palace. Achieve the again surprised again nu, the second day ordered offer haze and two little monk beheaded.

about the ancient women like an illicit love affair with monk cheating, he said to a generation of empress wu zetian. This has the woman of the world, also have all the young men, but the first is called a huaiyi monk. Huaiyi formerly known as Feng Xiaobao, this is the same officer county street vendors selling plasters, later because the gang fight injured people in the street, to avoid government’s arrest, fled to luoyang, the white horse temple is out of stock the monk. After died, wu zetian as emperor taizong’s princess, sense is delivered to a temple to become a monk. White horse temple temple only of one wall lie between, and sense of industry in the long run they met, nature is little not tryst of cheating. Wu zetian when on, after the emperor immediately let Feng Xiaobao became famous luoyang white horse temple’s chair. Tang dynasty after the death of the emperor, wu zetian let freedom Feng Xiaobao harem, so called her love to go to bed at any time.

Like monk

the queen of the tang dynasty, tang dynasty princess is unwilling also lonely, also very like the monk cheat, have two: one of the most famous one is princess gao Yang, a princess who is peace.

princess gao Yang is 17 female taizong on account. When she was 15 years old, also its the carefully selected the prime minister fang xuanling of the second room of tall, magnificent love to be her xu, but a little princess gao Yang nor are. Princess like is gentle scholar, wedding night, after the room but have never been to love the princess chicken bed.

princess gao Yang like to hunt, in a hunting, met the cultured xiah making-friends temple monks to contend machine. Strenuously argue this machine age and eagerness to learn, talented, 15 annual expenditures, a monk, from tao yue wizard. Drawing on the 19 years, master xuan zang via return, serve to hong fu temple to preside over translation texts, distinguishes between machine with profound Buddhism, float in the sky of literary grace, superior appearance, drafted by master xuan zang, participate in writing history masterpiece “the datang western region”. Princess gao Yang an illicit love affair with contend machine this year, recognize machine only 26 years old. But love to comfort room, princess gao Yang special gave him two beautiful young maid. Room but loved the two ladies, he unexpectedly in the princess gao Yang argue with machine go to bed, for they have submitted the door.

the princess taiping is the daughter of wu zetian. According to the “old tang book” records: & other; There are hu monk HuiFan, rich in treasures, good dignitaries as their agents, the princess and the private, play holy temple in the Lord, and the doctrine, male, goods in the sword. Throughout the &;

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when the five dynasties, the monk is more get the favour of women. According to the song dynasty literati Zhang Bang ji shi son small list gleanings of: there is a monk, the five dynasties, and coach phil Jackson, ZhuRongFeng ten years of practice, thought to quit with sex, without listening to YouYe also. What, one day down the mountain, in a way alongside see a beauty, red-violet, moment, hence coincided with the. Red-violet see a word monk, then comes to the net. Bath to Ming dynasty, the monk, with red-violet burden. Later generations have poems said: & other; Youdao monks, and, more than ten years ZhuRongFeng, waist the bodhi water, purging to red-violet leaf. Throughout the &;

in the song dynasty, even like the monk to brothel prostitutes, of course, this monk must be rich. According to the Ming dynasty scholar Yu Yonglin north window of zobah language records: & other; Song Lingjing monks clear, not by the line, often Li Xiunu SuChang home, after the mantle, slave to show the unique, monk, a drunk straight, show the slave die. Throughout the &; The lingyin temple in the song dynasty there was a monk named clear, often go whoring female Li Xiunu, long, savings to spend, mantle exhaust, bit Li Xiunu don’t refused to go to bed with him. Know become angry from embarrassment, will Li Xiunu killed and killings. At the time, is do for su dongpo in this pile of a murder. He accidentally found the monk know him have such two words of love poems: & other; I wish the syngenetic bliss, free teach this bitter lovesickness. Throughout the &; Su dongpo couldn’t help but bate: & other; The bald, te evil spirit, practice spirit over the top of the mountain by, from infatuation, jade floor ChunYiBaiJie muddy helpless. According to hurt the beauty face, empty bedroom JinHeZai arm between the bitter acacia, this be back the lovesickness debt. Throughout the &; Su dongpo was beheaded the monk.

the song dynasty is the most typical woman steal the monk’s case, when the number of the “water margin” in liangshan Yang daughter-in-law the love of a woman. This the love of a woman cheating monks called pei as the sea. From childhood, childhood sweethearts, grew up to the love of a woman don’t forget the old love, it was two-timing husband Yang pei as liaisons of the sea. Later Yang sworn brother meddlesome Shi Xiu kill monk pei, such as the sea and makes it not Aaron love suddenly stopped.

after the yuan and Ming dynasty, there are many special (women and monks cheat for the historical data, such as Ming zhan zhan WaiShi the class affairs slightly more subject & other; NaLing enchants share-win tong pak fu selection & throughout; The monks and nuns resources “. When no dynasty princess, wives of official or family woman, civilians, many women always likes to go to bed with monk voluptuousness.

in the yuan dynasty and Ming and qing novels, nun longing for love, the monk cheating is everywhere. Scholars interpreted the most afraid when LiuCui Ming monk’s affair with month story. Yuan dynasty dramatist wang shifu “degrees LiuCui” drama, accordingly Li Shouqing accordingly for Ming three degree of indeterminacy in the willows “in the drama. Wang shifu’s drama has been reporting Li Shouqing work income of yuanqu “, the principal for the month LiuCui Ming monk degrees, it is mainly written in the south China sea guanyin tuas net bottle occasionally on switch to dye dust, sent to the world, afterlife for hangzhou beauty LiuCui, back to the yuan. Ming advised LiuCui on the way not to become a monk, appears in her dreams, and evil environment make it realize. On that show filial piety in the temple, after LiuCui ask zen identity, emerged in death, resetting the south China sea.

the Ming dynasty scholar xu wei’s “jade Jackson cui township dream” is the story developed to get incisively and vividly that monk jade through many years practice and explores into hard, for refusing to court and prefect liu mission, is sent by the willow mission beauty red-violet to seduce, just can’t hold it myself, a moment is broken lust, caution, and short of breath, and die. He later reborn willow home for female, LiuCui, after be brought up to sexual abuse, corruption, aristocrats finally in his brother on the enlightenment enlightenment of buddhahood.