The ancient people why the power led: security messenger of national identity

easy generation of revisionist history, namely emerging dynasty is already took the power of destruction of historical, so-called & other; Xing toward the fix – national history & throughout; Eternal, is the ancient Chinese society, and endless miles of historical and cultural traditions. Traces the origin, easy generation of compilation is the product of historical development, is the style in the historical development, constantly improve to adapt to The Times change and reflect the feudal dynasty rule requirements. In terms of ensure the principle of historic spread, easy generation led to a certain extent, played the cooling, precipitation, the separation of time and space, provide historians with calm analysis and objective evaluation platform, is beneficial to grasp the essence of history and the truth. At the same time, easy generation of revisionist history from generation to generation, continuous, inheriting civilization, preservation of cultural heritage for the Chinese nation, maintenance, and the development of national unity made immortal contributions.

repairing the power of history

easy generation of revisionist history, with the development of historiography, the continuous improvement of the style in the historical development, and gradually appeared and widely used for practice. & other; To realize avenue, must first to history. Throughout the &; The Chinese people have always attaches great importance to the history, as early as in the pre-qin period, the ancients had already produced the records of both the consciousness and concept, and gradually formed in the early history of the system and principle. The death of the qin dynasty stimulated summary of historical experience and lessons, also encourage the historian in generations, in the form of chronicle the deeper thinking. Western han dynasty, too history Mr Sima qian in view of the social upheaval since the qin and han dynasties, introduction case, will the eloquent appraisals appended, and biographical, book, table, etc. Five style fuses in together, created magnificent of biographical history book & ndash; & ndash; Shiji, five body combination, all-encompassing, rich content of the social history, draw the outline of the grand historical picture of spectacular, and in the pattern of biographical laid the basic size of later dynasties history, & other; All previous dynasties history hence cannot throughout its range &; .

to the eastern han dynasty, learned much knowledge of ban gu, according to the special needs of feudal dynasty change history to date, in the form of biographical dynasty history, state chapter once a generation of leaders, the national cultural heritage and decrees, external exchanges, such as national property content is rich and colorful history. The periodic style, meet the needs of the history of the periodic change of the feudal dynasty, the later used and retaining hence greatly exalted.

repair history of power is paid great attention in all previous dynasties rulers, in addition to play the rise and fall of the history of enlightenment function, looking for other cardinal, to consolidate the ruling dynasty political needs, the more important reason is that easy generation of compilation is to explain the legality of the new dynasty the succession means necessary. Therefore, all previous dynasties rulers to take power, taking history as a great palace. Compilation has gradually developed to the tang dynasty, dynasties of feudal dynasty practice passed down from generation to follow. Dynasty three years (629), the system of historiographers revisionist history formally established. Since then, easy generation of revisionist history of feudal dynasty career with institutional guarantee, after different whenever the han dynasty, the new dynasty often open historiographers, history of recruiting, collecting historical data, historical records by took to spend time. Hence, Tang Xiujin history, history of tang five dynasties, and Song Xiu history of the five dynasties, yuan on, history of Ming xiu yuan, Ming, qing down continuously.

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from historic guarantee

from the perspective of historical compilation, easy generation of revisionist history is history and comment objectively and truly, provides a certain historic spread. Yuan dynasty historians TaoZongYi in the south village plow recorded “dropping out said: & other; The isolation and then its over male, then concludes that it for long. So the history of former generation, gentleman’s compulsory in different generation, with its council and its supports. Throughout the &; In general, easy generation of revisionist history objectively is accord with the actual requirement of history of code. Account of history is always the facts of the carrier, in time, space distance, with the political reality also requires as much as possible and realistic political keep a certain distance, can not subject to the left and right and influence. Otherwise, indulge in subjective historians of deep private, easy to accept persons mixed between good and evil will unavoidably limited, even for avoid touching up and go against a distortion of the facts, in their history. In addition, both historical events and historical figures need after time of precipitation and solidification of the space, otherwise, the details of the failed to fully extend, contradictions can’t fully display, historians are hard to watch clearly analyzed exactly.

at the end of the historical process has not yet completely, historical activity is still in the active state, both numerous and complicated, the reorganization, the historian is difficult to determine, such as compilation, hastily to avoid bias, even likely to cause errors. In this sense, easy generation of revisionist history using the separation of time and space to a certain extent, realized the separation of both from the political reality, with time distance to cooling judging subjective emotions cause errors, use the space distance to avoid political reality of disturbance, to ensure that history can be borne out by evidence.

moreover, once said, & other; Historical data for the history of tissue cells, the historical data, do not have or inaccuracy, no complex that would become. Throughout the &; History books compiled by the success or failure in a sense depends on the amount of historical data, a lot of material, especially the official documents in dynastic rule can sustain, is often seen as confidential, generally not made public. Is within a certain range, including led to solve the problem of the historical data is hard to find, most power document files can be open, emerging dynasty history compiling, can use power of historical documents, can also be solicited folk widely, expand the historical data sources. Easy generation of revisionist history, as it were, subtly played a space and time to repair history code brings favorable conditions, which are beneficial to guarantee the objectivity and authenticity of the historical content.

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ties of ethnic identity and bridge

easy generation of revisionist history, is not only a long uphold feudal dynasty, over a long period of practice, and is China’s unique historical and cultural traditions, and should be cherished and inheritance. Easy generation of revisionist history since tang dynasty from an effect, grew and grew. Official, namely the twenty-four histories system is regarded as the most important historical and cultural heritage, the most valuable part, among them, the easy generation of compilation of the results is more than 15. These rely on the force of the dynasty code into the history books has the characteristics of the history of one generation, more can more fully reflect social development in different periods of history, becoming the precious historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

history is the continuous development of the Chinese civilization history, China has become the world’s only country with continuous history and heritage of Chinese civilization, it should be said that easy generation of revisionist history is one of the causes and ways. And, in some sense, easy generation of revisionist history as a cultural heritage reflects the national culture of strong centripetal force and cohesion, is the product of all national historical and cultural identity.

in the context of history, not only the central plains dynasty value for the power led, such as the tang dynasty rulers took officials, scholars, sui book, chapter “, zhou book, beiqi book, the book of liang, Chen’s book, “the history of the south”, “history of the north” and so on eight department of history, the five dynasties took organization “old tang book”, the song dynasty took organization “old five dynasties history”, in the central plains of the minority regime took also views of history for power failure events, such as gold destroyed liao, after twice take charge of the liao history, though not to publish, but left behind the precious historical resources, yuan “liao history”, “history of jin”, the song dynasty history of qing dynasty “Ming”, and so on. These examples show that in the process of unity of all ethnic groups to, easy generation of revisionist history has become a communication and links of the national culture and Bridges. Thus, easy generation of revisionist history concept with the development of The Times, & other; Throughout history of countries can be destroyed but cannot extinguish &; , in different dynasty, many historians adhering to passing on the history of the historic responsibility, relying on the power of the private history compiling, and thus created with revised history very other private revisionist history culture. Ming and qing dynasty, private revisionist history, become more common, underlines the easy generation led to a strong cultural charisma.

respect with easy generation of revisionist history, emphasize the historical and cultural traditions, and advocates the code and the study of contemporary no contradiction. Admittedly, compared with the easy generation of revisionist history, contemporary history of the study and took certainly need to be more serious and responsible, objective and rigorous scientific attitude, practical and realistic, solid solid historical culture, and the erudite and informed academic vision and foresight. We believe that both influence each other, promote each other, will promote the development of China’s historical leap in deep to find. IfengLogo (KanGongLiu)