The ancient prostitute charges? Senior clients see famous prostitute must pay secrete (FIG.)

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drama of Susan look (figure)

this article source: the Beijing youth daily on August 15, 2011, the first C2 version, the author: Li Kaizhou, the original problem: wrap’s head geometry of Susan

& other; Wrap head & throughout; Income, refers to a prostitute. Ancient notes, in the novel, the name is canny story there are a lot of prostitutes. & other; Daughter & throughout; Is broad, the conversion of their income into real money, at that time the social scene is more real.

the Peking Opera “the spring of CV 18” send under escort ten percent, Susan has a XiPi adagio:

CV 18 spring, including BeiLei, busy getting on. Memories of, when the thing, very not injury. Daily, in the courts, the head be like brocade. Until now, only end up, SINS garment skirt.

Susan said & other; Wrap head & throughout; Paid prostitutes, specifically to the client, the word, originated in the tang dynasty.

money changing law, the tang dynasty from the founding to perish, including and tang dynasty period, monetary policy is always not on the right track, the official money issued by either universally implemented, or be folk stolen a lot of casting, and has a power of weight of money and all kinds of bad money circulation, it brought many problems to deal, therefore bartering instead of money often exchange. In tang dynasty kaiyuan twenty-two years, one under construction in three years, li han and three years, have all been released imperial edicts, identity and promote folk trade completely use cloth instead of currency, or part of use cloth instead of money. Analyzed ethically “tang code”, the judge for sentencing, thieves cloth is used to estimate property values. Client to brothel even since no exception: GuanWu listening, invite his wine, prostitutes in the accommodation, the cloth is popular used in paying bills & ndash; & ndash; Several feet out of silk, bound to a prostitute as a tip, for & other; Wrap head & throughout; Origin.

Susan said that she was in a brothel is red, a lot of hao vast customers, in the daily & other; Wrap head like brocade & throughout; , which means a high income. How high is it? Then Susan went on trial in the lobby, there are a few words to sing:

meet at the beginning of three hundred and twenty silver, leave for a cup of fragrant tea. The childe secondary school into, with thirty-six thousand silver. In the courts is not to the whole year, thirty-six thousand silver with dust.

said Johns Wang Jinglong (one for wang jinlong) in order to meet Susan, to meet the 300 money, and then wrapped Susan, less than a year, in a brothel dropped two 36000, paid in more than 100 a day on average.

“CV 18 springs” is the story background of the Ming dynasty, the Ming dynasty in the early pay silver, only currency notes, but only a few years time, just because the government abuse caused serious inflation, money credit plummeted in people’s hearts, although the court has ordered, folk refused to use, after that until the Ming dynasty, who has a big deals, is given priority to with silver.

& have spent

in the Ming dynasty, in addition to private and special circumstances, such as the purchasing power of the silver is relatively stable, relatively notes when food prices are the most base, sycee 1 two can buy rice 5 stone (orthodox twelve years jiangxi rice, in “Ming zong: a memoir,” (152); The years of famine, sycee 3 two can buy rice 1 stone (jiajing thirty-seven years shanxi rice, in 463) in Ming shi lu. Throughout in mid and late Ming dynasty, perennial rice is always under every stone 1, in other words, bought two silver 1 stone meters is not a problem. 1 stone about 98 litres of the Ming dynasty, with about 80 kg, with common now mainland rice prices five yuan per kilogram computation, buy this 1 stone meters need to 400 yuan. So just for grain purchasing power, then 1 two silver and now is 400 yuan RMB. Wang Jinglong for Susan to pay more than 100 every day two, the equivalent of RMB 40000 yuan, look today, it is a staggering number.

Beijing Opera is an art, and art always have exaggerated, but Susan is the name of prostitutes, piao from nature, the Wang Jinglong is exclusive based, are not allowed to other clients, pay fees even though not as high as the lyrics said, also a small fortune. Feng Ming dynasty novelist adaptation of this “sell the oil, lang monopoly based”, famous prostitute wang mei niang first fees of up to 300, with our previous algorithm, equivalent to 120000 yuan. Since then, briefly every night to 10 two silver, equivalent to 4000 yuan, such a high price, & other; Bound to fight & throughout; , & other; Guests such as city, get three top five, and may not be free & throughout; . At a time when hangzhou city to sell oil peddler qin heavy belt for more than a year, but also save two silver, 16 famous prostitute of the high income, the average man can’t nearly as well.