The ancient road is known as “the officer road” for “path” is private

on December 4, the stone was originally qing dynasty & other road & throughout; relic “, is introduced to the readers of songjiang jiuting town, an ancient stone bridge in a district, said the stone bridge is & other; When the qing government to repair & lsquo; Road & rsquo; Facilities throughout the &; .

in fact, this paper & other; Road & throughout; Should be & other; Officer road & throughout; .

& other; Officer road & throughout; , is a general term for old on the road.

between the town and the town, the village and village also has, just & other; Throughout the town &; Level of a long, wide, is traffic main artery of the year. Located in jiuting town east door, built in the early 1950 s qishen road is completed on the basis of the officer road, and therefore more twists and turns.

this call officer road in Ming and qing dynasty, the republic of China in classical literature and folk songs, such as & other; The ship to a general officer by way of an anchor, shore together & throughout; (” wake the constant word “36); Such as again & other; West officer a chicken on the road, a head of black bears a crow crying & throughout; (proverbs outside Shanghai); Wu also & other; Officer road when human & throughout; The proverb. Until the sixties and seventies of the last century is called in the countryside.

I call & other Officer road & throughout; Because the old land are private, even also various fields between the field ridge road, he can not let the others go. While & other; Officer road & throughout; Use of the land is & other; The public & throughout; (without pay), is designed for people to walk, but I don’t allow anyone to occupation. If use & other; Road & throughout; One word, one is does not conform to the historical, 2 May be mistaken for can only pass the way officials.

with & other; Officer & throughout; Words, there is a call in the rural & other; Officer ditch & throughout; . As the name implies, the ditch is for each field drainage, its land is & other; The public & throughout; Don’t allow anyone to occupy.