The ancients also very “tide” pottery “off” the word appeared 2000 years ago (FIG.)

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cultural heritage in one thousand, people from the rough edges and explore the history of rut, draw the outline of the scene of a prosperous time from bouncing colour the ancients luxurious exquisite aesthetic is not a fashion!

a picture of a lady in the 15th century bra circulated on the Internet these days, although was found modern underwear style doesn’t make a bright eye, but it’s enough to make the historian. It is generally believed that female bra is nearly 100 years of modern civilization. Now, ladies bra linen texture found in the 15th century, overturns the historians previous cognition. It is estimated that s about 1480 years of its existence.

maybe you can’t believe that, five thousand years ago, our ancestors have created a smile. A & other northern suburb officer Yang village sites; Hollow out face deep abdominal basin & throughout; Abraham ran out, panda is very god’s face, big eyes, full of the mouth that smile, tall handsome and cool nose, image is very cute, like QQ head is in fashion now. Ha ha, QQ buddy, I was archaeological experts from huangling found on a site of the new stone & other; TaoRen head & throughout; Smile, enough have no, through time and space to the tang dynasty, the gang jugglers & other; Pyramid & throughout; Performance really scared out of my whole body cold sweat! And the two jin & other; Sumo & throughout; , have to make me blush a well-built & hellip; & hellip;

dress also is by no means a modern women can own costumes, look at me from the tang dynasty & other Eyebrow in the United States & throughout; Sit at my window, dressed in a floral low-cut dress with short sleeves, grooming, ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, all between the smile. Of course, fashion & other; Bags & throughout; The ancients also unceasingly, dunhuang frescoes in the 17 wat don maid in the figure, this bag in the tang dynasty, the shape of the decorative pattern, and LV have a spell now. Wow!!!! Mickey Mouse’s big ear image, and then see the gestures like NOBODY in the rocks.

& other; Sorry & throughout; Is described as & other; In the 21st century, one of the most popular characters throughout the &; About & other; Sorry & throughout; Business development, web site, commodities, publications, impressive. In our province changqing, however, a farmer to units of cultural relics in a piece of pottery fragments, it also has a & other; Sorry & throughout; Words, according to cultural relics workers, this & other Sorry & throughout; The pottery, at least has a history of 2000 years.

solemn ancient cultural relics, are people with new ways to interpret an instant & other; Tide & throughout; . Experts pointed out that this way of interpretation of modern and trendy cultural relics, to a certain extent, activate the young man’s interest in traditional culture, is conducive to the spread of cultural relics. But others pointed out that Internet users in addition to the cultural relics, remember & other; Eva & throughout; Or & other Sorry & throughout; , should also learn more about cultural relics containing cultural implication, such & other; Revitalize the & throughout; Traditional cultural relics have practical significance.

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