The ancients “bath” is not a bath wash feet today more like to wash your hands before sleeping

a hot bath is a very comfortable thing in winter. But for home warm enough, more willing to leave the body in streets & other The bathroom & throughout; And naturally think that bath is the bath. Idle old just know, original & other; Bath & throughout; With & other; Take a shower & throughout; Is not the same thing.

the ancients & other; Take a shower & throughout;

, more like hand washing, wash feet today

in oracle and wen-zhong jin, & other; Mu & throughout; Word is like a man scooped up water to wash the hair with both hands, and & other; Bath & throughout; Word is like a person in a vessel, sprinkle with little drops of water. Eastern han xu shen said wen jie zi “explain more in place: & other; Mu, zhuo hair also, bath, the body also; Hand wash, sprinkle also, bath, also. Throughout the &; This shows, the ancients to wash hair, wash, wash, wash feet made the special name. The ancient & other; Take a shower & throughout; More like our washing hands before meals and at bedtime, wash feet today.

the modern & other; Take a shower & throughout; As a & other; Bath & throughout; And put it as the most common things in life. Bathed in ancient times, however, is seen as a ceremonial event, even be incorporated into & other; Filial piety throughout the &; Part of it. Trace & other; Bath & throughout; , is likely to surprise the modern civilized: it not only enriched the historical story, promote the textile industry, the development of ceramics, Chinese herbal medicine and fitness industry, has developed a unique legal holidays & ndash; & ndash; False.

s plain question article “the Canon of the yellow emperor & middot;

that hot water bath to prevent disease

bath, the first has to do with shells. Before shang dynasty legend has not been established, the tribal chief’s wife Jane DE, when in a bath accidentally swallowed fenice eggs, and then gave birth to the shang clan ancestor qi. Shells dynasty founder cheng tang also specially etched in your shower set & other; If new, new, and new & throughout; Self-excited maxim to alert yourself constantly update, constantly beyond.

compared with plain question article “the Canon of the yellow emperor & middot; said she was much more: & other; It is evil, sweat stains form thought. Throughout the &; & other; Stains form & throughout; Means, with hot water bath can prevent disease, has the health care function. The function of a hot bath till today with us, take a shower is to clean the skin, promote blood circulation, to play a role of fitness.

s bathed in the western zhou dynasty was incorporated into & other; Filial piety throughout the &;

the western zhou dynasty to treat & other; Bath & throughout; Is the most pious, also increase a lot of new important function to the bath. Such as sacrifice and appear before right before must & other; Bathed & throughout; To show inner clean piety. Every major ritual activities in history, western zhou dynasty to two fast first: the ten days before or three days, called & other; Ring & throughout; , offering or a day, three days ago called & other; Lodge & throughout; Host, all have full-time officials. In addition to bath, change clothes, but also must hold for all activities, in case & other; Loss is & throughout; , & other Scattered thoughts & throughout; . Of course, & other; Ring & throughout; Also contains a detox leek, spicy garlic kind of, to thoroughly purify the body, prevent mouth odor. Come before relationship also cannot careless, western zhou dynasty, when the governors into Beijing appear before, son of heaven will give a piece of used to ablution principalities, called & other; Shang Muyi & throughout; . Designed for bath, an earthly, visible how sacred bath at the time.

was incorporated into bath & other; Filial piety throughout the &; Is the western zhou dynasty people did it. The rites & middot; the term “said, the western zhou dynasty also stipulates the bath of the specific steps and methods. Such as hand washing several times a day, with fine can wipe the body after bath and dry and coarse can have exquisite. Civilians family also cannot despise bath, children once every three days to burn hot water to wash hair for the parents, once every five days to burn hot water to bathe a hall with high ceiling. In addition, also provides that the husband with the wife cannot share a bathroom or bathtub, etc.

s han dynasty for the bath

to set up a legal holiday

han dynasty & other; Bath & throughout; , in addition to clean the body, not only increase the entertainment leisure content, also become a kind of public officials and other The welfare & throughout; . Han han officer instrument said: & other; A false washing liquid, five days, nor to yue mu. Throughout the &; That is to say, the han officials work five days every can used for showering, be home one day. This also from another Angle, our country executes & other; A five-day week & throughout; History is very long. Meanwhile, bookman of han dynasty and later the wei-jin madman shangsi festival in every year in early march, also the outing, flow cup, tug-of-war entertainment such as the introduction & other; Bath & throughout; And made from the western zhou dynasty & other; Bath & throughout; All of a sudden became more approachable.

datang dynasty is prosperous time bath. According to history carries, the tang dynasty capital changan of bath street cheng jing, up to the right under the imperial concubine, and ordinary people, all can bath house, with the cities today is bathing in the winter almost the same. The tang dynasty, people bathing also generally use ecological & other; Bath & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; All kinds of flowers and plants and some Chinese herbal medicine brush & hellip; & hellip;

has a long history of the bath culture, show is not only the ancient people’s pursuit of life and enjoy, also reflects the Chinese very rich imagination since ancient times.