The ancients have year-end summary: wang xizhi word are more eager to run fast

a headache year-end summary, the modern people to the ancients also is so, history, once made the shocking & other; Year-end summary & throughout; .

the year-end summary of some pu song-ling & other; Selfish & throughout; . Tea stall, pu songling to write “liao zhai zhi yi” pendulum for people to drink for people to rest, to listen the story of a few have a taste. At the end of a year, he wrote in his year-end summary: listen to the story of this year quantity many, but the quality is not very good, some repeated story, not even logic. Looking forward to next year in the belly are better than one in stock tell good stories, so their compiling books also more smoothly. Summary of pu song-ling somewhat practical, even & other; Selfish & throughout; .

wang xizhi year-end summary is a little pity. Wang xizhi as & other; Holy book & throughout; , title there, come over to those who ask word countless. Say & other; Throughout the &; Word, have a plenty of take, some grinding, have a plenty of force, have a plenty of lure, visitor o words method is sea, the situation, just use the honey. Lao wang some struggling to keep up, sometimes want to drive north fujian and can’t open mouth, is sad. One year, he in & other; Year-end summary & throughout; Wrote: I wish my words, not popular, not to seek words, or my ability to move some, some words, go on.

& other; Travelers & throughout; Fan zhongyan year-end summary some & other; Throughout ms &; . A & other; Van Wen Zhenggong & throughout; , LaoFan everywhere like to travel, go out & other; Throughout the &; Must eat to live. Is LaoFan litterateur, statesman, strategist, but also & other; Ceng eat throughout the home &; , because he is loved by his people, his travel elsewhere, people are willing to please him to the house, to eat drink, is very considerate. LaoFan also got cheaper tell, wrote in a year-end summary: go many places this year, the harvest not small, only a little nervous that people too much love to me, and don’t accept money, the people farming is not easy, it’s wrong, but I again appealing proposal, is really embarrassed me.

ouyang xiu’s year-end summary on some not & other; The grade & throughout; . Ouyang xiu, drunk weng, is the great historians, writers. That may be generally more stringent mechanical research history of the late ouyang xiu is half & other; Old urchin & throughout; . He wrote in a year-end summary: this year of time too fast, I feel more old time, the faster the tea time less and less, the guest has just give me a dozen times tea, hope to have more next year, have more leisure time drinking tea pastime, with the younger generation to play happy.