The ancients not lighters how life? Flint tools are mainly flint

the south by the tree, watching TV shows often hear & other; Heavenly things dry carefully fire & throughout; So, but I suddenly felt very curious, the ancients without lighters, how to live? Don’t like primitive man pick up the two stones constant friction?

in the eyes of modern people, the ancient people’s life is a mystery. No TV, the ancients can TingXi, no computer, the ancients can read a book, but the ancients doesn’t even have a cigarette lighter, exactly is how to make a fire?

main flint tools is flint

the ancient main flint tools called & other; Flintlock & throughout; Jin Sui, wooden flint. Jin Sui make fire in the day, wooden flint fire in the wood. The ancient people in March or hunting, always with a firearm, “rites” in there & other; ZuoPei Jin Sui & throughout; , & other Right her wooden flint & throughout; Records, it shows that sunny days in the Jin Sui fire, cloudy day with wooden flint fire.

wooden flint is simulated flight. The ancient wood drill, a year can change at any time according to different seasons. With “zhou ji” regulation: spring, summer with date apricot and zhe, autumn with oak, with wingceltis tree in winter, this call & other; To fire & throughout; Or & other More fire & throughout; . Because the ancients thought that only according to the color of the wood, and four are suitable, to the fire, otherwise can’t fire. Every change garments according to the season, will change the new fire. In the southern dynasty, but still simulated flight, but cancelled & other; More fire & throughout; The custom, no longer a wood instead.

Jin Sui is fire to the sun. YangSui fire is one of the human use of optical instruments convergence solar pioneer. In ancient times have used homemade ancient lens to make fire. The 2nd century BC, someone with ice lens, gather sunlight make fire. Made from ice lens can’t long-term preservation, came and made from metal lens.

shen kua in MengXi writing, “there is a detailed record: with concave bronze mirror in the sun, its light gather inward. In 12 inches away from the mirror, shine for a bit, as big as glycine, touch the fire. In fact, this is today’s convex glass mirror. If we take the glass mirror, toward the sun, the mirror also met such as beans, reoccupy tinder at underneath, moment to fire. The ancients to go out in the past, surrounded by with a flint. Because at that time the flintlock for spire cup, small size, waist is worn to spare. But with YangSui fire, there is a deficiency, Yin is day or night will not be able to get them into the fire.

from steel to match

the ancients is another kind of way is on fire. In the six dynasties, there have been in stone on the fire. Knock stone, by the fire, called & other; Stone fire & throughout; . The ancient stone to knock method of fire, it is to use iron collided with stone, lying in the below & other; Tinder & throughout; When Mars fall on the cloth with soft nap, burns, reoccupy & other; QuDeng & throughout; Lead, that is, to obtain the fire. Tinder, ai or paper, to water nitrate, rub the soft, easy to fire. & other; QuDeng & throughout; , called north & other; Hair candle & throughout; To make little flake peeling MaJie, five or six inches long, with sulfur in the first, in case of fire or burning, to get angry. In the south, the candle is made of pine or fir.

early, the match is not popular. When fire technology and a step, and the use of a call & other Steel & throughout; The tool. This kind of steel, sewing leather for bags, AnTie for edge built-in flint, tinder. If you want to use fire, taking tinder beans, on the stone, and with iron impact blade, can emit Mars, immediately have to fire. Steel was smoking cigarette is not from the body. Later with a match, burning, flint and tinder content gradually declined, finally disappear.