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the emperor reward & other; Preface dishes in jade shoes & throughout;

is dragon TV hit “zhen 嬛 biography, has entered & other; Throughout the final GongDou &; Phase. Play, is & other; The Zhen Huan counter attack & throughout; ; Play outside, it is & other; The audience’s crazy & throughout; . Due to the well-made play, the audience from clothing, jewelry, props, makeup look crazy open 8 various details. Even the Internet, also appeared many & other; Zhen Huan same & throughout; Jewelry, HuaFei used in the play & other; Jade round & throughout; Beauty, became a popular new present & other Beauty treatment apparatus & throughout; .

product: beautiful dress & other; Zhen Huan same & throughout; Online sale

the audience is generally believed that the zhen 嬛 biography is the most commendable character modelling, from simple sense gorgeous clothes, to the delicate and exquisite jewelry, which is impressive. Characters in hierarchical, clothing fabric, embroidery system, piping designs are well-behaved. Clothing guide Chen Tongxun introduces to the reporter, light Zhen Huan one custom clothing there 48 sets of all clothing is the design, first out, for the sample of the material, color card, after the consent of the director approval to send garment factory glimmer of made by hand.

wide variety of jewelry, see person dazzled. Modelling design Chen Minzheng told reporters that the play a total of more than 350 kind of jewelry, not only are fine jewellery, and most of them are designed to do not provide craftsmanship. Reporters noted that the jewelry are also popular, some shopping websites in selling & other; Zhen 嬛 cheng bodhi bracelet & throughout; , & other HuaFei same earrings & throughout; , & other Natural green agate beads beads (the emperor with) & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; These jewelry from a few yuan to several hundred yuan, have been under the spotlight.

xi ancient makeup: & other; Screw her son & throughout; Thrush exquisite

& other; Female to yue oneself person look & throughout; , the concubines in the biography of the enrollment 嬛 for emperor pet and tried to dress up. The depiction of makeup look carefully, let a female audience curiosity, such as the thrush with & other Screw her son & throughout; And remove scar & other; Shu mark rubber & throughout; And the emperor himself for Zhen Huan & other; One pear makeup & throughout; And so on.

the said screw her extremely precious, annual tribute to the palace a decade or two boxes, however, only three boxes that year, however, HuaFei for a box of screw enrollment 嬛 she hold the grudge. & other; Screw her son & throughout; Why so popular? According to reporter understanding, this is an ancient woman thrush pigments used, made in Persia, expensive, compared to ordinary concubines thrush with indigo naturalis, screw her son just dip in water, natural indigo will be expected to grind. Brows the ancients thought, is the most sexy parts of the face, so the the original ancient woman’s eyebrows painted fake eyebrows instead of on the shaving, & other; Thrush depth trendy without & throughout; , & other; Shallow screw Diane, light yan fat, idle makeup throughout take the appropriate time &; Many poems are about thrush.

see unusual items: & other; HuaFeiYu wheel & throughout; Popular

HuaFei use & other; Jade round & throughout; Massage the face, comparable to current & other; Thin face apparatus & throughout; ; Concubines are midsummer has soared, by containing & other Throughout western agencies &; The & other; Wind turbines & throughout; ; The emperor gave to Zhen Huan & other Preface dishes in jade shoes & throughout; And made, the preface of zhijin ornamental engraving sole food tentacles jade, jade dress not cool arch, and hollow out shoes filled with all sorts of spices, & other people wear Step by step and smell & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; The props in the biography of enrollment 嬛 quite worth pondering. Some netizens after drama also & other; After items & throughout; , & other; Before a second see HuaFei hand round a jade, after a second I will go for a & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

it is worth mentioning that the director xiaolong zheng to make high-quality goods, require scene rendering objects are all accurate and authentic. Take the play & other; Throughout the summer &; , it’s will be stored in the ice in the ice cellar, in the blue porcelain jar of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, deserve to go up again & other Wind turbines & throughout; Good gas, and can be used. In the winter, the palace the pros and cons of charcoal burner also pegged to the concubines status, a popular use of princess & other; Red ROM coal & throughout; ; Only smoke choking fell out of his normal black charcoal.