The author: enrollment 嬛 white musk to abortion, according to experts said

rivalry with incense, harm miscarried with incense, confused the emperor also use & hellip; & hellip; As the qing dynasty palace drama “Zhen Huan biography in anhui satellite TV hit, each role using a variety of spices in the play made the audience, but also have the audience into the sniff at it often scared of abortion. The day before yesterday, the morning paper reporter interviewed the original author flow Lian purple as well as the relevant head of anhui satellite TV, flow Lian violet said, these drugs with ointment in drama is the scientific basis, but there are exaggerated. Anhui satellite TV will with JuJieMu “enrollment 嬛 rock said,” do science explanation of related plants and sweet culture.

the author:

the prescription verified

the ancient medical underdeveloped, want to quietly, spices become palace woman only weapon. The biography of Zhen Huan hit less than a third, there are three small Lord have miscarried, and hasn’t had conceived of princess: Zhen Huan from his bedroom to dig under the tree of rare musk, so as to know the cause of the former princess miscarried; The emperor to prevent HuaFei year family alone big, long special & other; Huan should be sweet & throughout; Cause HuaFei and HuaFei live near JingFei always infertility; The cat had scratched Zhen Huan AnLingRong sent contains very little muskiness shu mark glue, together with its earlier in HuaFei palace fume to & other Huan should be sweet & throughout; And lead to its miscarried; Self-preservation zhen after 嬛 counterattack, borrow AnLingRong palace maid, will & other; NuanQing sweet & throughout; Besmear is on the lily flowers, and contains foxtail orchid powder & other NuanQing sweet & throughout; Is the aphrodisiac, make its luck ultra and lead to miscarriage & hellip; & hellip;

these moments to expect such expectant mothers fear, fear that some things can cause abortion in modern use, such as musk. But also some question, just a little sweet and a little drugs such as pollen, whether can let the person die?

& other; My husband is the university of Chinese medicine teacher, so the musk, safflower is based on medical abortion leads to the pregnant woman. Not only is the musk, safflower, including “the biography of Zhen Huan involved in other prescription, were he to check a lot of information, I just written in the book. Throughout the &; Flow Lian purple told China morning post reporter, is not to promote it, & other; Harem woman in order to survive, not to the extreme, but this is not the biography of Zhen Huan want to express, I want to say is that under the feudal system, women can’t own sad fate, I hope the audience can see Zhen Huan positive personality power up. Throughout the &;


TV series have imagined

the above statement, however, some scholars had not obtained approval.

famous qing historian znsoft told the yangzi evening news “interview, harem fighting, the poison is popular, this is the modern people’s imagination. According to its introduction, the reason why the emperor so many concubines is to have more children to ensure inheritance, and under the system of imperial power, inheritance is the big competition, and determines the sequence of the eldest son to inherit and inheritance of all dynasties conduct their rein, this let poison others child become meaningless. For queen, regardless of his children, have to call her mother, other concubines only mother, is legal only queen mother, don’t let the children poisoned his more does not make sense for the queen.

znsoft also thinks the harem strict security, poison cannot be easily obtained, and in order to protect the safety of the emperor, can’t easily get poison, poison is also not easy.


making-of popularize knowledge

in anhui satellite TV website, many net friend message to & other; Small Lord & throughout; Of learning with fragrant, also some people doubt whether writer himself at teachers. The flow Lian violet said, his few research on spices, no condition test, & other; Novels and play writing, more is the wisdom of the method.the combined with their own imagination. Throughout the &;

in addition to culture, “Zhen Huan preach” and for a variety of medicinal plants, pollen and other Magic & throughout; Use, such as cassava powder can make children’s intestines and stomach bad, oleander juice can make pregnant women miscarried, peach blossom, pearl powder, fish bone glue chip, honey, jade, amber, white rex pulp shu mark glue can make scar elimination.

concern in view of the audience of spice use, anhui satellite TV said, because of the drama, TV may exaggerate, in order to popularize the correct popular science knowledge, anhui satellite TV special arrangement program said the rock Zhen Huan, popularize knowledge of history and professional knowledge, such as spices is currently considering contents related to the production of plants with special. Because the rock said Zhen Huan ratings for days in the country at the same time period the ratings second, anhui satellite TV hope ShiYanXu broadcast play this kind of practice in the future.