The Baltic sea is suspected a UFO object like a 4 meters tall mushroom

submarine was found to be suspected of UFO.

according to The Daily Telegraph reported, the Swedish expedition in the Baltic sea, waves of California bay sea 87 meters found an unidentified object, the object is covered by sea soot, about 3 to 4 m tall, slightly bend inward, on both sides at the top of the size of an egg shape 60 meters diameter holes, holes down. Whole like a big mushroom, the players agree that ufos (unidentified flying objects).

& other; This is since I’m engaged in submarine dive seen throughout the strangest things &; , the expedition team, according to the professional diving career, I’ve never seen that object. This object has a 304 meters long runway near trace, and the object is at the end of the runway. This object was reported by the media, the local people have a lot of speculation, most people think that is a spacecraft, or the remnants of war.

expedition into the water for many times, found objects around the hole in the hole with a strange rocks, rocks covered with something similar to soot. & other; Generally speaking, the rock is not spontaneous combustion. Throughout the &; Lin Debo is a professional diver, had more than 6000 times of diving experience, he had never seen this kind of rock. Experts also cannot explain the cause of the rock, it also will bring a new problem geology experts. Internship compile Luo Xiaoqing