The beauty of the republic of China featured the popular slogan: how are you “or” make daydream

cloth advertising.

recently, Yangtze evening news reporter found in baidu chinaer stick an advertisement posts about old Shanghai early of the republic of China. Post lists as follows all kinds of goods in the early years of the republic of China, the picture in all kinds of embroidery qipao women of the republic of China will surely become one of the biggest bright spot. This post once appeared in the post bar then drew many netizens have postings. & other; She was beautiful, beautiful, because of her, the mouse stranded here! Throughout the &; Enjoy & other; The fairy & throughout; After brand cigarette advertising, netizens ninelosses so regrets way.

a republic in embroider cheongsam woman, sitting stool tiger skin, one hand rested on her hips, single-handedly carried & other; Gerhard door & throughout; The sides of the cigarette, she & other; Mist & throughout; . This is & other; Gerhard door & throughout; Cigarette advertising in the image of women of the republic of China, and the picture in the top right corner of the 1 & other; Or how do you do & throughout; Advertisement, let more people applauded. Although at first glance slightly & other; Shocking & throughout; , but you will find that after to savor this slogan will bring audience with infinite daydream. & other; I didn’t know that more than half a century ago, advertising creative is so deep foundation of the people. Throughout the &; The reporter said.

similarly, & other; Mark & throughout; Brand of cigarette advertising is also & other; Praise & throughout; Very & other; Shocking & throughout; . Picture in brushing her hair that age and graceful woman holding a cigarette, and a suits, cigarettes, my mouth with glossy, shiny & other; Favour & throughout; Hair & other; Men’s & throughout; Affectionate eyes. Presumably the & other; Advertisers & throughout; Is holding the & other; Ray & throughout; Pour all the way to let everyone remember the brand of cigarettes. Reporter observed and found that both cigarettes, beer, cosmetics, medicine, or soap, post almost all without exception, the period of the goods as follows in a general weapon & ndash; & ndash; The beauty. Side of of all kinds of goods there will always be a beautiful young woman dressed in cheongsam, posing a variety of beautiful & other; Pose” .

why at that time the side always & other; Qingdao & throughout; The beauty? The reporter understands query through the network to beauty endorsement as a means of advertising actually has a long history, the history of it is not & other; Import & throughout; Nor what generations of creation, completely from advertising audience psychological accept habit as a starting point, is always business to consumer psychology to grasp the most accurate point. Due to the advertising industry in the early of the republic of China has just started, so this method has been widely used, leading to the republic of China & other Beauty posters & throughout; Reached its zenith.

this post in two days later, will attract nearly thousands of netizens to reply. After looking at bayer aspirin posters, Internet and other Emptying the sunshine & throughout; Said: & other; Really beautiful! Throughout the &; Trust in American foreign firm as follows, the net friend & other Xy123436178 & throughout; Wrote & other; Modelling also is very good, the feeling that life than simply a lot now. Throughout the &; A sharp-eyed of netizens, in more than half a century ago & other; Three towers brand & throughout; Found in cosmetics advertising actress spirit likeness actress gong li, the net friend & other; Zhifengqingyan” Said: & other; In contemporary time, really very like gong li, if she could become a big star like gong li. Throughout the &;