The beauty writer not deriving li bai was suspected in the face of questioning “dirty words”

a girl called Liu Wenwen says joined the writers association of hubei province in December last year, she will attend the show li bai poetry & other; Have you noticed sideses water heaven & throughout; The sentence connect & other; Throughout the spring waters flow east &; Controversial. Netizens questioned & other; Now, with a face can into the author’s association? Throughout the &; When challenged Liu Wenwen swearing response, & other; The fart put you and your family. Throughout the &;

square not tang poetry also is a writer

said Liu Wenwen swearing barge question really is not fair. & other; With a face can into the author’s association? Throughout the &; This question to a girl, with a considerable harm. In the face of such & other; Question & throughout; , if a girl don’t say dirty words, I believe that she has more angry than swearing expression. If you want to justice, a reversal. So, skeptics might as well ask, if the other side of a woman is his home, will such a question? Do as you would be done by. Tang poetry is more, you will be back, more is not necessarily the writer; Will be back, does not necessarily is not a writer. The ancients also speak read thousands of books, walk miles? Liu Wenwen carry out 1 tang poetry, criticism about her, I don’t agree with this practice.

anti-side & other; Swearing & throughout; Being a writer

Liu Wenwen grow very beautiful, but in the aspect of knowledge but dare not flatter really, it can’t use & other; Throughout the &; Two words to explain, really can’t answer it, but with & other; Swearing & throughout; To respond to the question of Internet users, it would be beneath him. Join writers association, is the writer? This is actually a false problem, can say is, because join writers association; Can say no, if work can’t get the reader’s attention. Writer, obviously not on the basis of whether to join writers association, but the recognition of readers standard. Although some people also in the writers’ association, its work is very few, and horrible; And some people refused to join writers association, but does not prevent it become readers idea of the writer.