The beggar as long as the moon cake don’t money Three years ago to mother “tournament just”


fan came to sit here yangjiaping middle pedestrian street begging, strange request from a lot of passers-by

fan hat slogan is very stand out

as long as the moon cake the beggar surprisingly don’t money!

reporter survey reveal his true character: three years ago to mother & other; A ratio just & throughout;

first on the newspapers and on TV

this time again want to in the Mid-Autumn festival famous

the beggar is very strange, the whole body clean, good good feet, sitting on the underground passage to beg. More surprisingly, passers-by to him not to money, as long as the moon cakes, he said he is & other; Spirit throughout the beggar &; .

the day, Mr. Peng call media hotline reflect, this several days to go home, he saw in jiulongpo district yangjiaping middle underground passage is a strange beggar.

a beggar begging for the moon cake is intended? Is the hype? Or a joke? Reporters were investigated.

the beggar as long as the moon cake don’t money

at 5 PM yesterday, yangjiaping middle house appliances in front of the underground passage, a man dressed in a black short sleeve T-shirt sat on the ground, wearing paper cocked hat, cap on & other; Throughout China beggar &; , & other Taobao body & throughout; , & other Performance art & throughout; , & other Modern beggar & throughout; , & other Elder brother although the poor but never surrender & throughout; . Before him lay a piece of cardboard, read & other; Hungry, the elder brother, 10 yuan to buy moon cakes. I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn festival, : 194 & times; & times; & times; & times; & times; Throughout the &;

a passer-by asked him: & other; You are to buy mooncakes? Or to the moon cake? Throughout the &; Man looked up and said, & other; I don’t want money, I want the moon cake. Throughout the &; A onlookers took out ten yuan threw to him, told him to buy moon cakes. He will catch up with a handout, money back.

man told reporters that his name is Mr. And beg from 4. 6 when 30 points every night he come here, 30 separation to 9 PM, so many days didn’t beg to a moon cake. & other; Give the money to a lot of. Throughout the &; Mr. Said, 7 and 8, a total of five people wanted to give him money, most of the 10 yuan, the least 5 yuan, he refused.

claim this is hope to get care

why Mr. Begging for the moon cake?

& other; I am a & lsquo; The spirit of the beggar & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Mr. Says, this year 24 years old, he lives in yangjiaping middle forward branch 6, 5 unit 1 to 3. , he says, he is 12 years old when his father died, mother frail, has been out of work for many years, over the years, his low for a living. Mr. Odd jobs around, before 3 years ago into the model when the temporary art studio model by accident.

Mr. Said he graduated from junior high school came out to work, didn’t enjoy enough love. He wants to prove that social and tender feeling, I hope, in the form of begging for the moon cake, get the warmth and love of strangers. & other; Although is not very successful, but give it to me a stranger, I also have been achieved, the purpose of this is a good experience. Throughout the &; Mr. Said.

the beggar a story

the reporter in touch with occasional model studio manager li hui. She said, Mr. In her here for three years of part-time work, at ordinary times more alternative, the way out of line. Mr. Beg the former told her, but she don’t agree with, think this is a parody.

reporter called Mr. Homes in advance road community. A liao workers, said Mr. Real name is called van so-and-so, his family in the case of both him and his mother, is low.

reporter with Mr. Real name search on the Internet, in 2008, he had set a challenge in the street & other; A ratio just & throughout; With you, mating is 55 years old mother. Chongqing after newspapers and other media reports, the national media. Because of this, he made guizhou TV’s hottest columns.

this time why don’t you tell his real name? What is the real purpose of the begging? Face pressed on, fan embarrassed in the east, and a flow of words is different from before.

he thinks the hype is famous shortcut

& other; Mother married off? Throughout the &; Yesterday in the face of the reporter asked, Mr. Very satisfiedly say, after & other; A ratio just & throughout; Just hype, can’t really put the mother married. Because of the hype, he on the TV in guizhou, also shook hands with star cao. After you come back, Mr. Feel the fire, often seek someone asked him to eat, some people also from far away, just to see him, talking to him. When Mr. Go out, will purposely wear masks.

& other; But after a month, few people come to me. Throughout the &; , who said he and Mr. Don’t have many friends. He was begging on the cardboard wrote his QQ number, hope to like last time, can meet more people.

at this point, the forward road community secretary hu called reporters, Mr. Usually likes to gamble, he will often want to various methods change, such as the Mid-Autumn festival approaching, community to send moon cake the door, he will refuse to accept the request cash discount.

work honestly, would delay their

chongqing mei-yun chu consultants mei-yun chu analysis by psychological counseling, Mr. Affected by social hype cultural taste in previous hype, this kind of abnormal means a shortcut to fame, do some others find strange attract eyeball.

mei-yun chu said, many young people like Mr., hope that through this way to find the chance of fame, but the society will only short-term attention to these behavior, will soon be cooling, and do not necessarily have concrete benefits. Young people indulge, due to work honestly, will delay.