The best dress award went to Japan’s 106 – year – old man According to the fashion life (FIG.)

best dress award went to Japan's 106 - year - old said fashion life (figure)

saburo in litres. Image: kyodo news agency.

in addition, 3 dec According to kyodo news, Japan the 41st best dress award ceremony recently held in Tokyo, Japan’s education experts, emeritus professor of fukuoka university of education rises saburo (106) won the special prize. Up to previous guinness certification, become & other; Take the public transportation around the earth the most older people & throughout; .

the awards ceremony, also moved in a yellow suit. His high spirit ground say: & other; Fashion main point is to wear different clothes every day. Throughout the &; Immediately ringing laughter.

as for the secret of energetic, he said fashion is important, says & other Never pay attention to the fashion that day, people will grow old. Surrounded by a lot of (this example) & throughout; .