The biography of Zhen Huan read typo of the emperor Zm-zhsg Mi should read “fu”

big hit drama “zhen 嬛 biography raised a hot wave viewing, & other; in a more Zhen Huan body & throughout; Agitation, on twitter is full of mimicking the empress the streak of speech. But attentive audience when watching “the biography of Zhen Huan also found that some of the words, pronunciation is wrong on the show, for the palace to find the BUG.

yesterday, Zhu Qifeng language researchers found the reporters, he said, “zhen 嬛 biography he finished watching the episode does not be born, exquisite details of drama history, rigorous appropriate lines are very impressive, but also want to find fault to pick the wrong, because some words, s & other; The ancients & throughout; They read the wrong pronunciation. And some of the words, the audience can follow the plot, to learn these rarely used word not commonly used.

zm-zhsg Mi read & other; F & throughout; Not & other; Compact & throughout;

at the beginning of enrollment 嬛 palace, the queen mother and the emperor saw her for the first time, the emperor amazed by the beauty of enrollment 嬛, heard she zhen, said 1 & other; Jiangnan two Joe, hebei zm-zhsg qiao. Throughout the &;

in drama, read the emperor made a zm-zhsg (close), but Zhu Qifeng tells a reporter, the pronunciation is wrong, although zm-zhsg Mi word is a polyphone, but when used as the name, should be read & other; Fu, sound blessing & throughout; . This word is a tongjia characters, ancient with & other; V & throughout; , & other; Fu xi & throughout; Also make & other; Mi xihe & throughout; .

zm-zhsg also called binjii ZhenLuo, like Joe, Joe is city of beauty. Zm-zhsg former daughter-in-law of Carthage, guandu war, would have heard zm-zhsg beauty, and in the post-war beset mansion. But xelloss drink retired soldiers, into taking zm-zhsg, and protect their safety. After the war, the request to marry to cao cao, cao cao after see, bad and his son for a wife, then show to xelloss. According to legend,’s “goddess” has the meaning of love zm-zhsg, which wrote the goddess luo, is zm-zhsg.

Zhu Qifeng said Mi, generally read & other; Compact & throughout; , meaning is quiet. However, the “han & middot; ancient and modern people table of yue: & other; Too HaoDiMi xihe’s. Throughout the &; Mi xihe’s fu, Mi volts. Legend has it the fu female die of drowning or waterinfo, hence to waterinfo, name Mi princess, this Mi must read & other; V & throughout; . Mi a wives, produced in qu yuan “li SAO”. ‘s “goddess” is the Mi princess.

Cao Zhiceng is said to want to relatives and friends again zm-zhsg, without success. Zm-zhsg marry Yuan Shaozhi son first, then return xelloss, for after enrollment. Xelloss cast was forced to commit suicide after zhen, xelloss sentimental nostalgia, wrote “goddess”. So, zm-zhsg Mi should read as & other F & throughout; .

Rao jade harp play q the should read & other; Jade & throughout;

Zhen Huan sister jade Rao when playing the piano, the emperor into, you play is q, the & other; Throughout the &; Word, read the emperor is ao, namely the book, but this time, the emperor you read again wrong! It turns out that the right q Mr Obama word, should read yu, sound & other; Jade & throughout; .

Zhu Qifeng told reporters that the q o (yù)” Is the book of songs & middot; WeiFeng “of a poem. Q the praise of having both ability and political integrity, width, and humorous gentleman, fully shows the man, true beauty is the temperament character, talent cultivation, express forever unforgettable feelings. Q refers to q water, & other; Throughout the &; Mean is the place where the water’s edge bending.

the q Mr WeiFeng, is a good man in describing the good feeling to the person. This man, even a supernatural, elegant and easy, bearing composed, deep water. Gao hua of jade, such as definite.

in q Mr Weiwu male, is a forword some girls of my hero. & other; Such as cutting and grinding “stones, such as cut, such as grinding & throughout; Refers to its stable temperament, & other; As gold as tin, as keisuke as wall & throughout; Grace gao hua is refers to the behavior. A man’s temperament like bone hale, as noble as ivory, jade, bright and clean, like a stone. Raise your hand is cast sufficient between, feng jun lang god.

& other; 嬛 嬛 throughout a umber of chu palace waist &; 嬛 should read & other; Xuan & throughout;

as the biography of Zhen Huan hit, a words also because Zhen Huan name and fame, that’s & other; 嬛 嬛 throughout a umber of chu palace waist &; . The emperor heard the Zhen Huan name, sent yet this feeling, but the emperor was wrong again.

Zhu Qifeng tells a reporter, in the other words, & other; 嬛 嬛 & throughout; Should not be read & other; Huan huan (ring) & throughout; , and should be read & other; Xuan xuan xuan (notes) & throughout; .

this phrase from Cai Shen “changjiang & middot; heap pillow clouds fall CuiQiao” : & other; Heap pillow clouds fall CuiQiao. Noon started back to the dream and eyeful spring jiao. 嬛 嬛 a umber of chu palace waist. , the more the spring to reduce with jade. Tin alongside bridge under the willow. Several red window, mistake bodyguards. Heartbroken pretty poor. Endure the weak and weary through illness, two boring. Throughout the &;

& other; 嬛 嬛 a umber & throughout; Describe women’s graceful. & other; Chu palace waist & throughout; From & other; Good king chu waist & throughout; Waspish person you like, allusions, king chu his concubines detained to lose weight, waist to impress the king’s heart, chu palace women’s waist is very thin. The meaning of this poem together is women’s graceful, waist is fine.

嬛, read xuan xuan (notes), describe the appearance of beautiful, gentle Canon of sima qian’s historical records & middot; biographies of sima xiangru, & other; Soft radial 嬛 嬛. Throughout the &; The four words on the “zhen 嬛 biography of emperor also said, used to refer to praise the beauty of the enrollment 嬛, but still read aloud & other; Huan (ring) & throughout; , the right should be read into & other; Xuan & throughout; .

hong 曕 not & other; Deep & throughout; Read & other; Yan & throughout; Is right

when watching “the biography of enrollment 嬛 zhen 嬛 report yihong 曕 gave birth to a son, 17, and did not let his son when the emperor, the biological but may hong li when the emperor.

appears on television subtitles & other; Hong 曕 & throughout; The word, many in the audience is not clear, feel suspicious: isn’t this & other Deep & throughout; The word? Should not read & other; Zhan” ? Why read & other; Yan” Li yan)?

does not read the word wrong, because the word is not & other; Deep & throughout; But & other; 曕 & throughout; Differ in thousands ways, a less, their sounds.

Zhu Qifeng said, history, yihong 曕 yes sixth son, in order of age behavior the first ten children, is the youngest the reign of qianlong. He was born in the eleventh year of yongzheng HaiShi June 11, the mother is modest princess liu.

hong 曕 prince is the tenth seven fruit of emperor kangxi YunLi stepson. YunLi first son died in six months time, no children. Qianlong three years in March, prince zhuang allow play please give YunLi hong 曕 adoption of qianlong played, and order the prince from a fruit.

after hong 曕 convicted to baylor, before dying back for king county, Shi for, so as more objects Luo Guo with king county. He was living in the old Summer Palace, also known as & other; The old Summer Palace brother & throughout; . While & other; 曕 & throughout; The word itself is the meaning of the sun.