The birth of the national emblem course: whether MAO zedong proposed can slow down a little

s the national emblem of the People’s Republic of China and the national emblem of stamps

in the founding ceremony on October 1, 1949, along with the march of the volunteers, loud and grand, the five-star red flag rising. But, as another important symbol of the national emblem of the republic of, but I did not appear in the ceremony. Before the design is good to hang the national emblem of tiananmen gate between two cornices, had to hang up & other; The central people’s government of the People’s Republic of China was established throughout the ceremony &; The banner. Why are the national emblem of the People’s Republic of China failed to born? Declassified records revealed the reasoning. (taken from the tide of one hundred 2012, 12)

proposal: the national emblem could you slow down a little decision, etc to the government to make a decision in the future

in June 1949, from the founding ceremony last more than three months, each work reorganization, and the flag of the republic of is has not yet been determined. 16, XinZhengXie preparatory committee standing committee held the first meeting, decided to set up six groups, each, do their job. The sixth group responsible for drawing up the national flag, national emblem, national anthem.

6 team leader is well-read Ma Xulun, deputy head was made director of the Beijing. Soon, because of work busy, ye jianying added Shen Yanbing (MAO dun) deputy team leader, presided over by daily work. Members are China’s most outstanding senior intellectuals at that time.

4 July at 3 PM, at zhongnanhai geunjeongjeon first conference rooms, a convener ye jianying presided the sixth group meeting for the first time. Determine logo in any way for the new republic, ye jianying, whether can use the name of the preparatory committee, the public to solicit comments from people all over the country. According to the proposal, July 16, the People’s Daily on the front page, published “national emblem design for flag and national anthem of the ci notice”, which it & other The national emblem & throughout; Requirements are three: (a) of the collection of Chinese characteristics; (b) regime characteristics; (c) form must be solemn grandeur. Ask for work deadline is August 20, in less than a month of time, the total contributions up to several thousand. But compared with the national flag and national anthem, the national emblem of the entries is only 112, not only small, and almost can’t satisfy experts. So, in group six flags held on August 22, the national emblem primary committee meeting for the first time, when everyone is excited and discussed after the flag the entries, turn a raised questions about the chairman Ma Xulun topic: & other; The national emblem? Throughout the &;

everyone leafing through a few works, shake head to sigh, said zheng zhenduo, & other; Now, don’t have a good. Throughout the &; Zhang XiRe said: & other; Why don’t we wait and see. Throughout the &; Liang sicheng puts forward his own views: & other; Must put on the national emblem of Chinese traditional art, han, tang there are a lot of things for reference. Throughout the &; Just picked up a pattern in the studied Shen Yanbing and xu beihong took liang sicheng said: & other; This emblem on the linnet is very beautiful. Throughout the &; Although opinions vary, but Ma Xulun still hope that in this meeting, can choose a few relatively better, even though it may be of reference for future design. So we pick the 4 opinions of relatively concentrated, prepare to a whole set of careful to choose again. Sixth team in two days after the third plenary session, the national emblem is still no progress. To receive less works and beyond the status quo, the meeting can only helplessly to make & other; Other experts artificial please, after receiving application pattern again to decide & throughout; The resolution. Because I couldn’t find a good solution, in the sixth group followed at the plenary meeting of a few times, the national emblem issues have been shelved.

Sept. 25, from the founding ceremony only for 5 days. 8 PM, busy for a whole day of MAO zedong, such as, guo moruo, Shen Yanbing came to zhongnanhai FengZeYuan, to participate in national flag, national emblem, national anthem, calendar, countries negotiation seminars. Is at this meeting, after MAO zedong proposed, all the comrades clapped through participating, determine the patterns of the five-star red flag for the flag pattern.

see you have no objection to the national flag, Ma Xulun put forward again, whether at this meeting the national emblem, calendar, countries are discuss. The foundation of the national emblem discussion, or only in the 4 based on the patterns of the picture for your reference. Hong spoke first: deep & other; I think the national emblem design has its merit, the figure but also have trouble, such as the first figure of the belt is not as good as the fourth figure. The Chinese landscape painting, red painted yellow and the other countries, especially the Soviet union as yellow, very bad, could you revised it. Throughout the &; Musician he luding added: & other; Our flag has been set, best can draw five stars. The first figure of the earth is solid, the map is flat, the entire design looks not harmonious, I agreed to modify, too. Throughout the &; Zhang XiRe opinion, as long as the earth latitude, don’t need to add color, but the Chinese territory must be painted in red. Guo moruo also talked about his own three opinions: & other; First, the light source is not clear, the best on earth above picture a sun; Second, the position of the star is not appropriate, the best is put inside the gear; Third, the belt or the fourth figure better. Throughout the &; Architect liang sicheng for both the composition and color has a special research, he talked about his own views: from the perspective of professional & other; The theme of the composition and purpose is good, but trouble a lot. First, each figure some contradiction to the scale of the theme; Second, the color is too much, and disharmony, gear too stylized composition, and the grain is too sketch, also did not reconcile. Design for one thousand outstanding Chinese history, so we can use the national emblem of the best Chinese pattern. Throughout the &; Ma Xulun agreed opinion is difficult to see, it puts forward & other Could you agreed to modify a principle? Throughout the &;

after listen carefully to the opinions, MAO zedong also feel the national emblem for a while it is difficult to be fixed, and hastily, better put a put, after all, the national emblem is different from other logo, this is the symbol of the new republic, determine the national emblem is a solemn and serious things. So he proposed: & other; Flag determines whether the national emblem can slow down a little decision, etc to the government to make a decision in the future. Throughout the &;

Ma Xulun insists to determine a principle, because of this, in the future work or operation. On the side of xu beihong picked up the first figure to see said: & other; : I think I can put this picture change, in principle, I completely agree with this design. Throughout the &; Zhang XiRe object: immediately & other; Now we these designs are too like the national emblem of the Soviet union. Throughout the &; MAO continued: & other; If too much like the Soviet union, whether or not we first decision principle. Throughout the &; Ai qing proposed own view: & other; If want to make a principle, called the original designer Zhang Ding comrade to change. Throughout the &; Hung deep immediately added: & other; Modified according to the first, three, four the graph is good. Throughout the &;

see everyone agreed to modify, MAO zedong said in conclusion: & other; The panel also continue to exist, to design. Throughout the &;

amendment to the national emblem law decided to adopt the tiananmen as the main content of design

on September 26, 1949, the national flag, national emblem, national anthem, the capital, calendar program review committee meeting report for the first time, the third of the national emblem to make such a decision: & other; According to the national emblem design resources, inviting experts drawn separately. Throughout the &;

so, Ma Xulun and Shen Yanbing will continue to lead the sixth group, group of the national emblem emblem review, invited experts, to undertake the design of the national emblem.

on October 23, liang sicheng’s design team took the first draft of tsinghua university. The design team is superior, in addition to the liang sicheng, participate in Mrs Gay and liang sicheng, tsinghua university professor Lin huiyin, carved carving and professor MoZongJiang high-chuang, professor of art history, sculpture, professor deng to sting, process history professor Wang Xun.

liang sicheng has been argued that the national emblem on the traditional Chinese art, as a result, his team on the design idea as far as possible by using the Chinese for thousands of years of art tradition, to fully show the Chinese national culture. But at the same time, the traditional culture elements also want to cooperate with the theme of the new democratic regime performance, in order to show this is from the ancient traditional developed on the basis of a new pattern. On the color they selected is jade, gold, red trichromatic, concise and rich, form a solemn and elegant but not grandiose, not gaudy pattern, to embody continue and reconciliation of old and new Chinese culture. Their implied that such interpretations of his work: & other; Artificial national emblem design to a wall (been reflected) as the main body; Name, the five-star, gear, golden harvest as the main subject; With red ribbon wear been reflected and foil and into the overall pattern. In other words, the upper wall and the words on the wall, the center of the Venus, gear, slightly into the style of the han mirror, surrounded with golden harvest, the following in red ribbon wear been reflected to end. Color of jade, gold and red color. Throughout the &;

another design team led by the central academy of fine arts Zhang Ding, their design is based on tiananmen square as the main body. In addition, there are other designers provides five imitation emblem and distributing pattern of Chinese people’s political consultative conference.

shou-hua liu