The brand cars contentious during the Spring Festival Be sarcastic to recover the diaoyu islands

Hong Kong’s south China morning post on February 15, the original problem: authorities regulation extravagance and waste, but military vehicles during the Spring Festival is still raised hackles the Chinese communist party leaders called for saving and put an end to waste. But during the Spring Festival, people exposes some suspension military licence of luxury cars, including the President, of a maserati, X6 and several suv. Many people think that during the period of nationwide week-long holidays, the car is definitely not to do business, but for private affairs.

from netizens photos uploaded to the Chinese social media, this & other; White brand car & throughout; Some of them are on the way to travel, also some parked in tourist attractions & ndash; & ndash; Away from the car registration provinces.

even called for Internet users posted on weibo luxury vehicles yu, a professor at the Chinese academy of social sciences, for Internet users to upload some photos come as a surprise. Military vehicles in Beijing, saw a licence after black maserati, in said: & other; Really long to see. Someone said the 1 million car before, I always don’t believe it. Now, I completely believe in. Throughout the &;

the cars on the photo looks like a maserati President. The car sells for more than 2 million yuan in China. Another photo shows a hang guangzhou army card audi Q7 high-speed road is crowded. Readers some angry, some said don’t believe that, one of the netizens wryly, & other; Our generals this is rushing to reclaim the diaoyu islands? Throughout the &; Bring about wang zhe north –