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Mr Lao she is under the red flag, write the story about the late qing dynasty years, including two for my uncle nephews americans. Nephew in China, as a Gospel church pastor in the city of Beijing, to possess the sermon preached; My uncle in the United States, because he has a lot of assets, so quite a cow & times; . Is likely to be, or is likely to be VIP members of congress, it from his mouth and said & other; We will be in & throughout; Bullying tone, it is can be judged. The man & other; Young, I used to steal people’s cattle, sliced off an ear, being so fled to China, selling opium, made a lot of money. After rich home, relatives and friends, is the original call him rascal of relatives and friends, all call him China & throughout; .

from now on, & other; In front of him, people consistently avoid saying & lsquo; Ear & rsquo; The word, and have been inspired & ndash; & ndash; Mix to ebb, and China to make a fortune, don’t have to consider to have one, or two ears. Was in the United States as the minister then (his nephew) is very difficult to life, to Christmas will be able to eat a roast Turkey. My uncle was pointed out to him a way: & lsquo; The to China! Here, you even eat roast Turkey on Christmas day; Every day to get there, you can eat fat hen, the big egg! Here, you can’t afford to hire servants forever; To get there, you can use at least one man and one woman, two servants! Go to! & rsquo; Throughout the &; So, this is actually quite a loser pastor, arrived in Beijing, swaggering up. Not only & other; With his small house to live alone, use one male and one female two servants; Chicken and egg is so cheap & throughout; And & other; He almost every three days before Christmas day at a time. He began to get fat. Throughout the &; So, he and his uncle, this grew fat pastor, naturally became & other; Throughout China &; .

& other; Throughout China &; , the can always recall the aggression by foreign powers dark memories for many years, not so pleasant, so gradually renamed & other; Sinologist & throughout; . Yet neither & other; Throughout China &; Or & other; Sinologist & throughout; , some of them are rascal, should be in conformity with the actual situation. Therefore, whenever I see that some & other; Sinologist & throughout; When he came to China, have a windfall, the public face, dare not flatter really teach. Especially some people from my colleague, around these foreigners that ingratiating smile side shoulder, the servant of the phase is ugly. This with Mr Lao she’s one more…… the boss, a book of the bible, wreaths all day with cattle priest play the fool fully distracted, tell please, just want to get some reward, good to buy cheap fang braised pork chop suey, with dry lotus leaf in vain, for the package home drank two they are no different in essence. Although, the eldest brother, a serious person advised him: & other; The boss! To let’s father save some face, even a tiny bit! Don’t frighten people, another foreigner that shameless! Shameless! Throughout the &;

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about more than in the eldest followed cow pastor mix eat mixed drink, a British man named bacchus, also appeared in the city of Beijing.

this person not Mr Lao she’s pastor that fiction literary figures, but a real existence with a baron title of British aristocracy. In his hometown of Yorkshire, England, people call it first Sir (Sir Alex), and then is his first name and last name, Edmund & middot; Bacchus and Bai Kehao, beck house). He was born in 1873, died in 1944, about living in Beijing for more than half a century.

this is a very aggressive color & other; Throughout China &; And rogue consciousness & other; Sinologist & throughout; . For the Chinese, especially for experienced the g8 coalition and the era of British and French troops from Beijing, the history of humiliation, of those who fish in troubled waters & other; Throughout China &; And committed & other; Sinologist & throughout; , have been swept into the dump. Recently, however, Baxter’s a book called “the queen and I”, first appeared in Hong Kong, was published in Taiwan, after then, in the us, some cynical people with will also be the British old tramp churning out from the slops VAT. It is conceivable that this & other; Sleep & throughout; The queen mother of the book, popular at that time, the translator and press made a full bowl bowl full of water, even dream also laughed out loud. But, so named and spoiling the dead, for a foreigner, we plane to fathers grave dug grave, if according to the Chinese traditional moral point of view, late night to early by the scourge. But what can you do this! People admire the, he has no heart, so she lay in the gun.

however, I think about it, the west against China means, tricks, tricks, tips, a crab is inferior to a crab, not funny. Gunboat policy from the 18th century, in the 19th century colonial encroachment, to blockade kill of the 20th century, to the differentiation of the 21st century, he now had fallen to use such a masturbation tarnishing China literature, so as to promote the western superior chauvinism, flaunt white racism. This probably is there, just out of the interview. If the leader of the British opium war elliot, pasha, or the flow of the g8 coalition forces commander waldersee, live turned from under the ground, to see their posterity, incredibly under three excessive to the point of things, I’m afraid will grieve for the past.