The British fashion photographer obsessed with the female body in humanistic perspective instead of sensory stimulation

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Norman Parkinson created & other; Behavioral realism & throughout; Fashion photography. He used his camera to tell stories that will be unique to the British wit humor refined into images. Like many fashion photography masters, he is infatuated with a woman, but, he in a more profound humanistic perspective instead of the superficial sensory stimulation. Compared with grace and sex appeal, he is more interesting to mining, the noisy, emotional, imaginative femininity.

has long been fashionable recording the independence of women in their own way. Recently, to commemorate the 1950 to 1964, this important time period of women’s liberation, a called & other; Fashion & throughout; The exhibition museum of Bristol in the UK, the late British fashion photography exhibition master Norman Parkinson 60 credits. After 50 years of fashion photography career, with its unique lens language to capture his time under the background of British society of active surface and the generation of a firm foundation for modern fashion fashion people of talent.

was born in 1913, died in 1990, Norman Parkinson film company with more than seventy years, if the last century as a photography portfolio, so Parkinson with extraordinary talents and the long career of defeat many masters, became the book’s chronology. He will early social photo shoot in fashion according to the principle of filming, in addition to trying to keep fashion as always elegant aesthetics in the 20th century, because of thoughtful of its own.

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Parkinson’s early style under the influence of the industrial age. Work before world war ii, the rush to dig social insider, a profound social criticism cynical attitude shows, this cold reason of black and white light as he is often appear in the photo of the fog in London, to the vagaries of striking ghosts and depression of choking on the audience’s heart. One of the photos the misty mist will be a layer of the veil on the streets of London, the middle of the street to spread the common bicycle and wooden ladder, the children of the proletariat as a toy climbing up and down the escalator and lens from the escalator cracks through the capture of a struggle against hard life also try to keep the style of women, wearing a white shirt and black suit and wearing a small lace white hat, in the face of the lens is not naturally with a smile.

war brought a flurry of baptism to London, also in the photographer Parkinson change. The end of world war ii, the ease of social contradictions in London, photographers are no longer with & other; Criticise us & throughout; Look at society, his work center of gravity into a rising fashion photography, but critical still no any change. The universal love fashion photographer, static model or star wearing clothes, and early in the morning set a good background to bring out the best in each other, convey the beauty of classical painting in general. Parkinson after studying enough Beaton and Edward Steichen after the works of the masters, dismissively said: & other; All girls with the same action, they just need to take a deep breath, squeeze out a smile, this expression will change under any scenario, whether received a bunch of rose, listen to good music, or smell the smell of burning gasoline. In real life how can have such a person, my girls run, climb bobbed up. Throughout the &; Parkinson bringing girls to natural light, let them free inside a reality in the vast space, capture their real beautiful moments. This is Norman Parkinson creation & other; Behavioral realism & throughout; Photography & ndash; & ndash; Don’t give up strong composition in the frame of modernity, in the process of truth and get rid of the meaningless & other; False art & throughout; .

Dance with models in a

in the Happer’ s Bazaar and Vogue magazine work 50 years, Parkinson often impacted by the new style of photography, but his works and the photographer himself as stubborn character, all is the photographer of the image in the eyes of all. In the 1940 s, life is an important topic of Parkinson, model people dressed in overalls and shoes with flat, some in the market to sell cattle, some climb up the ladder rest homes, some in the woods picking fruit, and of course the milk and the dog for a walk. In the wife Wenda Parkinson to model a few set, industrial products and body rich and harmonious beauty form & other; Firm with soft, cold and hot, industry and human & throughout; In sharp contrast, Wenda custom dress in champagne, a face of slightly drunk on car hood; Or wearing a suit and wide-brim hats, carrying luggage appears at the bottom of the airplane propellers, like from the movie “casablanca” out of. In Paris as the background in the photo, like Parkinson will model and Paris street blend, dressed in Dior“ New Look” The women walking in the streets of Paris, gaze at the distant fuzzy sculpture, from time to time with umbrella tips pointing, beautiful even talking back.

after the magazines of the endorsed, Parkinson in fashion photography status increasingly strong, his work has highlighted the booked exaggerated elan. He will be unique to the British humor and wit refined into images, always throughout the work. He is infatuated with a woman, and in a more profound humanistic perspective instead of the superficial sensory stimulation, he said: & other; Shooting women is in order to fully reflect the identity of a woman, she is worthy of respect. Throughout the &; Different from other photographers or elegant or sexy feminine beauty, Parkinson more willing to dig the interesting and busy in femininity, emotional, and imaginative, challenges the traditional different sides. In this photo, some women in New York bridge run screaming with lover; Some on the glass stick in the engine room overlooking the beautiful scenery outside the window, the pity of her wearing the expensive fur; Some play in the sand, whether the wind raise your skirt makes them lose gracefully. Men often become passers-by, or pilot half a face, or playground caddie coolie chi like watching, or supermodels Carmen Dell ‘Orefice depend on the sofa and lift arm hold a suit collar.

however, photographer himself is a bit from time to time in the photo, he like Hitchcock suddenly came out from behind the camera, without performing elements appear in the spotlight, disappeared again. Seemingly careless to other fashion photographer income lens is also one of his favourite tricks, enough Beaton, Terence Donovan and Irving Penn and photography masters without exception, had been his & other; Plot against & throughout; . Model Iman once said: & other; Shooting fashion as photographers and models of pas DE deux, Norman Parkinson’s & lsquo; Dancing & rsquo; But the level of Fred Astaire. Throughout the &;

to Norman Parkinson salute

when it comes to Norman Parkinson, & other; Old urchin & throughout; Paul Smith also serious. 11 years old birthday, Smith received father sent a kodak camera. Since then he has to learn their favorite photographer Norman Parkinson, capture the students regret. In 2008, he used his idol’s works cover their flagship store on metope strange stripes. When it comes to the deep influence on him to fashion photographer, he said: & other; I love new attitude when Norman observe things. Too great! He has a deep thinking in English, that is weird. If you put the work in the same way to other photographers, they will be able to hand over the perfect fashion, such as & lsquo; The lily of the model smelling the bottle & rsquo; , or & lsquo; Beautiful beach graffiti & rsquo; . But Parkinson, his works full of quiet, dreamy color, humor, emotion and creativity. I seem to really smelled a smell of fresh air. Throughout the &;

London new generation designer Alice Temperley also to Norman Parkinson asiatics, she admitted that she often climb the Parkinson photography, rich meaning and old photos have a thought provoking laugh now huge energy. With Norman Parkinson that restraint of cold humor, junior photographer Elle Von Unwerth photos more bold and unrestrained, full of naked and laugh and tease, but she likes to shoot & other; Beautiful models with ordinary men & throughout; Subject of Parkinson’s to follow, in the early 1970 s, Parkinson, shooting a naked dance with ordinary male models so filled with contrast of the picture, and he himself is subject to intake of lens of one of the men. German photographer Peter Lindbergh like Parkinson industrial landscape of the enthusiasm for cold breath to serve as a foil to fashion and fashion models of femininity, and likes to use pictures to & other; Declare a vivid story & throughout; Than the latter, but the pursuit of real image recording, the former works more like a built in the scene shot Hollywood blockbusters.

on photography, Parkinson was among the first to use 35 mm color film shot in outdoor photographer. Even if he was stubbornly think good photographer only black and white film, but in order to achieve & other; Magical color dreams & throughout; , he still took some color photos. And these photos in mainstream color today, all be enshrined in photography in the temple of god. Heroes in the photography master s, Parkinson confidently immersed in the play of the lens to the world, regardless of other people say, never look back, never modification works. Even speak highly of the same master photographer Richard Avedon also admire said: & other; Parkinson not forget & lsquo; Photography can express the instinct of the human creation & rsquo; , his works can circulate forever. Throughout the &;