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English a stray cat to addicts become best-selling author (web screenshot)

international online features: according to the British “daily mail” reported on November 5, Hollywood has plans to make a film about & other; People love cat & throughout; The movie, the story archetype from London street performers James & middot; Bowen (James Bowen) with stray cats Bob (Bob) moving experience. It is in this sticking accompanied by stray cat, the drug ACTS finally become the hottest writer.

according to the report, on a street in London, the British people and visitors to the hustle and bustle, from time to time came the voice of the guitar. People have become accustomed to this street regulars: back of the guitar James & middot; Bob bowen and stray cats. Bowen is responsible for singing, Bob is responsible for the quietly sitting next to a smile, sing “, they will high-fived.