The British physicist prophecy: aliens will establish contact in hundred years

according to British media reports this morning, a British physicist, a scientific predictions show that within one hundred years we will get in touch with the aliens. I’m afraid that make big director Steven & middot; Spielberg see business opportunities.

open on the BBS of the European science in Dublin, a professor at the university of Oxford, the famous physicist Joseph Lin & middot; Bell & middot; “Nair said that in the next one hundred years, people are likely to learn the signs of life beyond earth, even the highly intelligent creatures.

“Neil believed that human could well have in some carbon dioxide, ozone cladding found life on the planet. However, “nair said even found signs of alien creatures, on the earth by radio or laser and its call also need decades of time, because & other; Even if is the fastest speed, one-way conversation it from the earth to another planet will take decades, or even 100 years. Throughout the &;

at the same time she also raised some questions, if really found an alien, so how should contact with, or with whom, etc are human issues to consider. Before the royal society, a survey has found nearly half of britons believe & other; Little green men & throughout; The existence of.

the survey of 2000 men and women of the poll found that 44% of people believe that the existence of extraterrestrial life, nearly a third of respondents said that man should actively establish contact with the search for extraterrestrial life.