The British public 20 years UFO files Aliens who married a girl with the earth (FIG.)


from this latest public leite at the town hall in the picture you can see, the sky has a UFO

the British ministry of defence UFO files latest public this month, according to someone see alien activity in glastonbury festival, the thunder outside the town hall, saw a flying saucer, and tells the story of how the royal air force in 1956, a secret military base near the intercept ufos. These files can be in the UK national archives of the government website free download, download time for a month.

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file included in Suffolk lai Ken heath royal air force base of very famous UFO incident first-hand evidence. According to a retired royal air force combat control officer Freddie & middot; Wimbledon memories, a royal air force scrambled fighter aircraft, used to intercept see on radar display and ground observers have also seen a UFO. The UFO in the wake of fighter jets, & other; Track its movements throughout &; And then & other; With incredible speed & throughout; Flew away quickly. Involvement of the staff were asked to swear to secrecy.

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said this photo shows the Wiltshire over cranfield UFO

defense expert meeting

these new files also showed that defense experts were called together, study in the UK in 2004 nottinghamshire ray taken outside the city hall, a & other; The flying saucer & throughout; The photos. This is a series of images by alex & middot; Bill was taken, at present has ruled out the possibility of a camera flash and air. He get in touch with the defense department, in July 2004, send these pictures to British defense geographic image intelligence agency. The agency said, & other; The evidence from submitted cannot draw a final conclusion. Throughout the &;

mysterious worm shape

file is the most strange a narrative in 2003 in London over the east Dulwich snaking worms in the shape of a UFO. A mother and her daughter, report to the police the findings, according to their statement submitted to the ministry of defence UFO office said that they saw two wear & other; Space suits, claims to mork and mindy, wearing dark glasses man & throughout; . Two & other; Dark glasses man & throughout; Carry click transmitters, warns mother and daughter two people staring at the sky light, to prevent radiation, let them use rinsing eyes of a solution, ask two people sign and left. Mork and mindy was in the late 1970 s to the early 80 s the United States the characters in a sci-fi comedy. Monk from eritrea’s Nemesis, alone drove an egg-shaped spacecraft over the earth, and earth woman mindy met and become a roommate. The story ends, mork and mindy married.

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these photos show the unexplained indentation on the ground, they are in blue word ShenSenLin (Rendlesham Forest) after filming the

march public UFO files

in March of this year, the British defense ministry released the first batch of UFO files. When public archives including more than 8500 pages about strange sightings and sightings of UFO cover report on a survey of the British royal air force, unusual radar detect, parliament briefing and about the government UFO policy documents.

the documents released by the national archives reveals the authorities could not confirm to the status of vehicle what discussion. This photo taken in March 2004, presents a phenomenon of strange sweet cast in the sky. The photographer is a retired royal air force officer and then send photos to investigating UFO department.