The British team: dinosaurs fart to climate warming, make its extinction

in recent years, scientists of herbivorous animals methane emissions of the greenhouse effect is more and more attention. Also, fart is considered to be the main culprit of the extinction of dinosaurs. A British research team recently said that in ancient times when dinosaurs still exist, they fart emissions of methane from huge, is likely to lead to the climate warming, and led to a dinosaur extinction in the end.

dinosaur fart to climate warming

Liverpool John & middot; Moores university institutions such as the researchers in the new issue of the journal current biology, the report says, in the Mesozoic era, about 250 million to 65 million, there are many sauropods, they are large herbivorous dinosaurs. Food in their belly after microbial methane, out of the body with the fart.

according to introducing, the earth also has ever happened in Mesozoic global warming, a study that was about 10 degrees Celsius temperatures higher than they are now.

involved in the research of the university of st Andrews says prof Brooks, because eat a lot of green plants, sauropods continuously methane, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. And that’s what caused the climate change the culprit, and this kind of catastrophic climate change could eventually lead to extinction.

in Russia, a biology professor at rachmaninoff previously held a press conference in Moscow, to show his great discovery in the republic of azerbaijan, the findings confirmed the dinosaur lead to their extinction for fart hypothesis. (onam)