The channel “dogs” operating rectified Stray dogs see programs become quiet (FIG.)

“guide dog small Q”, “I and the dog dog 10 convention”, “bulldog” & hellip; & hellip; Countless films and television shows about dogs, dogs do not help even the aliens, and “Yangtze river seven” and “good boy” good box office. All this shows that the people of these & other; Good friends & throughout; The favorite. However, not all people can always accompany beside the dog and when owners because of all sorts of things is not at home, they be lonely? In February this year, the San Diego to launch a & other; The dog dog channel & throughout; , hope to be able to solve this problem. To channel now, has been operating rectified.

dog to boredom?

& other; The dog dog channel & throughout; DogTV mid-february, is a 24-hour television channel. The broadcast content is very simple, such as a group of the dog playing with balls, it is said that can let the watch dog gets excited, have the enthusiasm to participate; Also have the dog to sleep, & other; The audience throughout the &; Will be in this situation to be quiet. And from the Angle of the trip in the car with the host puppy, picture is the scene outside the window.

& other; If you have to let the dogs every day to stay at home for a long time, that they will not feel very good. Throughout the &; & other; The dog dog channel & throughout; Chief executive gillard & middot; Neumann said in an interview with ABC & other; This time, you should do something to improve their quality of life. I think we channel will be a very good chance. Throughout the &;

the channel marketing director baker & middot; Rupees, says they show after a very rigorous experiments, is designed for a dog, even voice, images, and the camera Angle after the special treatment, so as to adapt to & other; The audience throughout the &; Viewing habits. & other; After they had their own entertainment time, rather than blindly circled around tired of you. Throughout the &;

effect looks good?

after two months, Reuters reporters to a pet shelter in escondido, where observed & other The dog dog channel & throughout; The play. Install there for a few big screen, broadcast to the dogs. Center, said a spokesman for it makes the status of the stray dogs have no small change, they become more quiet.

the stray dogs because in the abandoned state for a long time, damage to body and mind to a certain extent. So when they see on the big screen and the same kind, the excitement is definitely there. So, the leader of escondido said they will continue to play & other; The dog dog channel & throughout; Show, although every month should pay for $9.9 to watch. By the way, when the channel was unveiled guidance pricing is $5.

although the Cornell university professor of animal behavior, Catherine doesn’t support this channel to a certain extent, but her from their own study conclude that & other; Often the dog alone at home can really feel lonely, sometimes suffer from separation anxiety. If your dog starts to wreak havoc in the home goods, then you will be careful, it is want to accompany you more. Throughout the &; She suggested you to provide more quiet and soothing environment for it, and this kind of program in & other; The dog dog channel & throughout; In there.