The chicken braise a mushroom is a qing dynasty palace imperial cuisine Stew is the emperor’s main food and drink

liao cooking the chicken braise a mushroom is qing imperial cuisine

during the Beijing Olympics, there are all sorts of food make the athletes big full the luck to eat STH delicious. Sichuan cuisine, guangdong cuisine, shandong cuisine cuisine, etc. And all the most delicious, nutritious dishes included in the main menu of the athletes, interestingly, only two kinds of liao dishes on the menu, one is the chicken stew mushrooms, another is the sauce skeleton.

shenyang people are quite happy to eat the stew, folk wisdom & other; The big four stew & throughout; & other; Throughout eight & stew; And so on, in the famous stew, in addition to the stewed pork and vermicelli, the chicken braise a mushroom is also big. Have said, in the northeast stew, is always at the top of the chicken braise a mushroom. Early in shenyang, the chicken braise a mushroom thirty of the main course, however, is the specialty of entertaining guests. Have an old saying said: & other; Son-in-law hit the door, the chicken qingming comes. Throughout the &; That new in-laws with daughter-in-law, back LaoZhang people must do the chicken braise a mushroom.

is the main manchu cuisine, and shandong cuisine on liao cuisine, and merge with the taste of other ethnic groups, including all kinds of stew was invented by the manchu people. Manchu early make a living by fishing and hunting, all the year round living in the wild, migration, only a hanging pot, cooking utensils and so have to stew to eat.

in the eyes of ordinary people, the qing dynasty palace diet can be extremely costly, but according to the filings, qing emperor dish is also more common materials, appearance of stew is the emperor’s main food and drink. Among them, the chicken braise a mushroom, is also the emperor love to eat a imperial cuisine. Flip the qing imperial cuisine file,,,, xuantong period, and the imperial cuisine are on the list & other; Dried mushroom chicken fat & throughout; This dish, it is the chicken braise a mushroom. The study found that the liao food & other; Representative & throughout; The chicken braise a mushroom, is with the qing dynasty from the LiaoShen region after entering the central plains, gradually became popular all over the country.

now, the chicken braise a mushroom is people cannot little dish on the table. Somebody said that if anyone who come to shenyang didn’t tasted the chicken braise a mushroom, that’s one big regret.

use ingredients: chicken stew mushrooms had better choose, the wildness can foil better the delicious chicken. First wash the chicken chop it into small pieces, and soak mushroom in warm water for 40 minutes. And then into a small amount of oil in the cooking pot, add chicken, chicken to wait after color add onion, ginger, aniseed, salt, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, add in mushrooms after adding suitable amount of water for 15 minutes or so, fire stew in half an hour to soup thick, authentic chicken braise a mushroom.

comments: this dish is delicious, crisp chicken. Traditional Chinese medicine professor Winston thought, the chicken braise a mushroom since ancient times is top grade in the food, nutrition and taste is a perfect fit. The seemingly simple dish, but can satisfy the modern diet & other; A meat, a mushroom & throughout; The first principle of nutrition. Originally meat contain a large number of animal protein, can fill gas strong bones and muscles, but slant warm, is not suitable for the body is the production of body fluid of human consumption, but and slants cool an edible mushrooms, avoids the disadvantage. Mushrooms have & other; Plant meat & throughout; The laudatory name, with chicken to eat together, not only nutrition is rich, is of strong temperature filling gas in the five zang-organs, at the same time also can reduce blood lipids, blood glucose, blood pressure, with phlegm and qi, protect liver, eliminate edema.


cooking chun-xiang li masters, curator of the museum of the Chinese food (cooking)

history consultant: ZhanHongGe (the famous collector, the modern history of research scholars)